The Lucky Charms of North Macedonia

North Macedonia- White Storks – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Charms are important ways that we can hope and have faith that good luck will come our way soon.  The symbolism behind this lucky charm is interesting in understanding the psychology of the people who believe in its power.

North Macedonia – White Storks

Whereas many countries might use the white stork to represent the arrival of new life, in North Macedonia, it is a symbol of luck and happiness.  The arrival of a stork is a sign that the work in the field needs to begin.  The time they nest is a sign that the fortune in this year is to improve. The date the stork leaves becomes central to religious celebrations thanking them for their presence. 

History of the lucky charm of North Macedonia

Ever since the farmland of North Macedonia has been devoted to rice, the storks have become a close companion of the people.  The local people come into daily contact with the bird, leading to the creation of a relationship based on love and respect.

Why the White Stork charm is bringing luck

The white stork is the sign of a healthy ecosystem.  In a sense, nature signals that the locals are treating the area with respect and therefore the harvest will be bountiful.  The stork only arrives to nest in those places where they will thrive.

How to use the White Stork charm

Leaving the white stork in place, where it chooses to nest, is seen as good luck.  Even where the stork nests on the roof of a home, the locals are reluctant to move the nest and unsettle the chance for good fortune offered.

How the white stork charm is made

Each year there is a Stork Day to celebrate the migration of the birds. Each year a village qualifies as Stork Village and becomes a sit of natural heritage.  People are known to visit especially, hoping to see the storks.

How to make the white stork charm at home

People celebrate the arrival of the stork in festivities.  However, they also don self-made hats resembling the stork.  The locals of Cheshinovo-Obleshevo merely take care of the storks to ensure they continue to bring good luck.  The message seems to be that we should care for our environment and it will bestow good fortune upon us.

nteresting and fun facts about the white stork charm

National energy companies take their responsibility for the storks seriously.  They ask locals to report problems with installations that might cause harm to storks.  They then take immediate action.

Janerva is one such energy company who works with local environmental groups to educate children about storks.  They encourage some of the celebrations that distinguishes local culture.

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