The Lucky Charms of Oman

Oman – the will and decree of Allah – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

When considering lucky charms we sometimes have to be respectful of the religion of the culture.  For some, the idea of luck is an afront to God and in others, it refers to the good fortune a deity can provide.  Consequently, it is essential to explore the idea of a “lucky charm” with respect and sometimes consider it an abstract idea rather than a physical object.

Oman – the will and decree of Allah

In Oman, the majority of the population are strict adherents to Islam.  They follow a branch of Islam called Ibadism and they are known for being extremely devoted to their religion.  Beliefs play a significant role in all aspects of life.

When speaking of luck within the Islamic faith means a share of blessing or goodness.  Luck in this interpretation is a share of good fortune or a share of provisions.  Luck is, therefore, is your fair share. 

When wishing someone good luck in Oman, you are essentially hoping that he gets what he is worth.  You are, in essence, wishing them well.

However, you are not permitted in Islam to wish someone bad luck, as you are showing enmity to another in the faith.  It is not for the individual to dictate the share of the fortune that is received, only through the decree and will and Allah can this be decided.

History of the lucky charm of Oman

The history of luck and good fortune in Oman is tied up in the oral history of Islam.  The beliefs and traditions come directly from Mohammed’s spoken word or from the words written down by those who listened to his teachings.

Why the will and decree of Allah is bringing luck

When you say “blessing and peace of Allah be upon him” you are asking Allah to offer good fortune to another.  You are wishing them good luck.  It is only in the power of Allah to will this to be so.

How to use the will and decree of Allah

You live the life of a good Muslim.

How the will and decree of Allah is made

It is at the discretion of Allah to bestow good fortune.

How to make the will and decree of Allah at home

If you live the life of a good Muslim, you will benefit from his blessings.  If you adhere to the spoken words of Mohammed, you are seeking the beneficence of God. 

Interesting and fun facts about the will and decree of Allah

Hasanah is spoken of as good fortune in Islam.  Sayyi’ah is bad fortune. The relationship between Allah and these two forces is complicated and is deep at the heart of humanity’s relationship with Allah and their obedience to his word.

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