The Lucky Charms of Palau

Palau – Four-Leaf Clover – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

THe are lucky charms that transcend borders.  No matter where you travel, these objects are imbued with a power that is both mysterious and unquestioned.  Such objects as the horseshoe, the rabbit’s foot and the four-leaf clover.

Palau – the four-leaf clover

On Pilau $5 coin is a colourful and shiny image of a four-leafed clover.  Here, the journey to obtain luck is linked directly with the finances of the individual.  In Irish lore, the three-leaf clover is a symbol of the Holy Trinity, as St Patrick explained.  The fourth leaf on a clover is an unusual mutation that happens in a ration of 1:10,000 of all clovers on the planet. 

History of the lucky charm of Palau

Four leaves have much historical symbolism and it is likely the introduction of Christianity to Palau by the Spanish that brought it to significance.  It is though to link to the cross and to the four gospels.  However, there are other more pagan meanings that pre-dated organised religion in Pilau.  Four is also representative of the four elements of fire, water, earth and air.  Early cultures used this four-leaf clover to ward off bad spirits.

The $5 coin is issued each year and is literally an ounce of silver.  The silver coin has also been a symbol of luck in the country.  Giving a silver coin to newlyweds and newborns has long been a tradition.  Therefore, this silver coin with the four-leaf clover is a double symbol of luck.  The phrase printed on the coin says it all “better an ounce of luck than a pound of gold.”

Why the the four-leaf clover charm is bringing luck

The trinity of the more common three-leaf clover includes faith, hope and love.  You would imagine a life lived with this trinity is full of good fortune.  However, on a four-leaf clover, the fourth leaf represents luck.  

How to use the four-leaf clover charm

To receive the luck of the four-leaf clover you need to find one of the ultra-rare mutations.  Alternatively, you could be lucky enough to receive one of the limited minted coins from in Palau – in 2014 only 2,014 were minted.

How to make the four-leaf clover charm at home

You can shape the four leaves of a clover easily enough in the home.  The creation of its image could offer some of the magical protection to ward off bad luck.

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