The Lucky Charms of Russia

Russia – The bottle on the floor – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Some countries believe in luck and bad luck in a casual way.  People might toss some salt over a shoulder or step over a crack but with little thought that it might matter much. However, in some other nations, such as Russia, the different superstitions are taken quite seriously.  They are a powerful means of guiding the sense of wellbeing of the people.

Russia – the bottle on the floor 

There are so many ways to ward away bad luck or to invite good luck in Russia.  However, what you put on the table seems an important one.  One important rule is that if you want to avoid the effects of bad luck then you should put your empty bottles on the floor.

History of the lucky charm of Russia

The history of the bottles on the floor is said to have emerged from the time of the Cossack soldiers in France in 1814.  The soldiers discovered that the owners of restaurants only charged for the bottles left on the table.  Therefore, if the soldiers hid the bottles under the table they didn’t get paid.  This custom returned with them to Russia.

Why the bottle on the floor charm is bringing luck

The superstition that has emerged is that the bottle on the table will bring bad omens of financial loss and tears.  Therefore, putting the bottles on the floor prevents such problems.    The similar is said of keys and change.  

How to use the bottle on the floor charm

If you have a meal with someone who believes this is how to avoid bad luck, you may see them putting an empty bottle on the floor or looking for a waiter rather than returning the empty bottle to the table.

How the bottle on the floor charm is made

As with most great things in Russia, the empty bottle is made by enjoying a good night drinking alcohol.  Of course, there is no need for the bottle to be filled with vodka, but it would be fitting for the culture.

How to make the bottle on the floor charm at home

In the home, you can make sure that the bottle is never placed on the table by having a rack that can be used to store the empty bottles.

Interesting and fun facts about the bottle on the floor charm

Remember when we said that Russia has a lot of beliefs on how to ward off bad luck and welcome good luck.  For instance, you should never give knives, clocks or scarves as a present – for fear of inviting enemies or death to their households.  Also, you will learn never to greet a Russian in a doorway – as this place in between the inside and the outside is where evil lives.

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