The Lucky Charms of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia – the Eye of Saint Lucia Stone –  Good Luck Charms from Around the World

As cultures span the globe, beliefs and superstitions travel with them.  The story behind the Eye of Saint Lucia Stone begins life in France.  However, as the stone can be found in warm waters around the world, the legends and stories cross borders.

Saint Lucia  – The Eye of Saint Lucia Stone

Also known as Venus Eye or Virgin eye, the Eye of Saint Lucia is a mineralised operculum that comes from a mollusc.  It is a shelled creature, a type of periwinkle.  The shell has a white surface and in the centre is a vibrant orange circle.  

History of the lucky charm of Saint Lucia

The history of this charm dates back to the 4th century.  A young girl of nobility prayer to the Virgin Mary and managed to procure for her recovery from a terminal disease.  The child was so grateful for the resurrection of her mother that she committed her life to devoutly worshipping Mary, to the extent she ripped out her own eyes.  Mary restored the woman’s sight, making her eyes more radiant than before.  Although a legend born in France, the Eye of Saint Lucia Stone travels to the far off island with French colonial roots, which also reveres symbolism of the Catholic faith. 

Why the Eye of Saint Lucia Stone charm is bringing luck

The Eye of Saint Lucia is said to work on the Third Eye Chakra.  It helps to ward of negative energy and evil spirits and so brings the wearers luck and joy.  If you wear the Eye of Saint Lucia stone, you will exhibit self-confidence and a belief in oneself that will help luck to happen by virtue of your world’s view.

How to use the Eye of Saint Lucia Stone charm 

Some people turn the Eye of Saint Lucia Stone into jewellery.  Others take some stones and put them in a pocket or bag and carry them with them.  The stones are held to stimulate strength and to prompt a sense of being supported.

How the Eye of Saint Lucia Stone charm is made

People seek out the stone in the seas off warmer islands.  You will find them mostly off the coast of Marseille in France, though the legend travels to this far off island, too.

How to make the Eye of Saint Lucia Stone charm at home

To make your own Eye of Saint Lucia Stone charm, you merely need to seek out the stone on the shore.  Then, carry them with you in a bag or pocket to feel your fortunes change.

Interesting and fun facts about the eye of St Lucia Stone charm

The young woman ripped out her eyes and presented them to her fiance. He broke off the marriage in response, which might be to be expected.  It is the return of her eyes that symbolises faith and therefore good fortune.

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