The Lucky Charms of San Marino

San Marino – Tocca Ferro – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

San Marino may be a country all of its own, but it is strongly influenced by the Italian culture.  The Italians, and so the San Marinians, are highly superstitious people.  Although strongly Catholic, they hold many beliefs outside the church, including a dislike of the number 17, a belief in tossing spilt salt over your shoulder to avoid bad luck and more.

San Marino – Tocca Ferro 

If you travel to most places around the world, the individual will say “touch wood” and reach for some as a means of encouraging the luck they need to fulfil a desire.  In San Marino, the people instead say “Tocca Ferro” or touch iron.  They too reach out and touch the material and hope that luck will be in their favour, they just choose a different surface.

History of the lucky charm of San Marino

The folklore surrounding Tocca Ferro has passed through generations upon generations.  It comes from an abbreviated saying meaning touching the metal armour of a knight or a soldier.  By touching the armour you are hoping to give the wearer the luck to survive the battles ahead.  In much Italian culture, which influences San Marino, this has resulted in horseshoes being a common of good luck in the country – as it is often welded from iron.

Why the Tocca Ferro charm is bringing luck

It is the touching of iron that brings this luck.  In history, this luck is a passing of good wishes to another.  Today, the touching of iron is a way of preventing bad luck – or of hoping that the wish you have just made will come true.

How to use the Tocca Ferro charm

Many people from Italian heritage will keep an iron token, something as simple as an iron nail, in their pocket for such times.  

How the Tocca Ferro charm is made

Iron is forged.  It is a commonly used metal in the making of everyday objects, which makes it easy to locate when you want to touch it.  However, it is common that the iron is shaped into a horse show – and the horse shoe itself comes will a long history of luck – so acts as a double whammy for good fortune!

How to make the Tocca Ferro charm at home

You don’t have to do anything special to Tocca Ferro, just as you wouldn’t do anything special to touch wood.  If you want to be sure of your chances of luck, you can do as some San Marinians would do, carry an iron nail in your pocket.

Interesting and fun facts about Tocca Ferro charm

Tacca Ferro is an abbreviation of the phrase “toccare ferro” – from the time of knights and brave crusades.

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