The Lucky Charms of Serbia

Serbia – the broom – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Across the world, there is an obsession with battling the Evil Eye.  There is this mysterious presence in our lives that can bring all sorts of awful events in our world.  Many of our lucky charms are a means of persuading this Evil Eye to stay away and so keep our sense of contentment and good fortune.  For some, this takes some elaborate design work and ancient history of storytelling.  In Serbia, they place a lot of emphasis on the broom.

Serbia  – the broom 

There are all sorts of superstitions in Serbia.  Although they are a devoutly Catholic country, they do have their superstitions and beliefs.  The level of this belief is demonstrated by the long list of ways you can stop evil and invite happiness into your life –  far too many to get into here.  However, one of the more powerful symbols – with multiple applications is the broom.

History of the lucky charm of Serbia

Broom lore is actually a thing.  It has some connection to witchcraft – but also dates back to many old wives tales from along time ago.  You will find rituals across the world, like jumping the broom or the giving of brooms as wedding gifts.

Why the broom charm is bringing luck

In Serbia, the broom has multiple applications for your luck.  First, you should never take an old broom to a new house.  You will brush away all the good luck of this new property. Luckily, you can use a broom to keep away unwanted visitors. If, after someone leaves, you never want them to return, just brush the floor towards the door.  Easy.  It is also good luck to place the broom in the corner of a room – it will help to keep away evil spirits.  However, never sweep in your direction – as you will never find love with a partner.

How to use the broom charm

There is a complex set of laws around the use of a broom it seems.  Where to store the broom, whether to keep it or not keep it, the direction to brush with the broom.  It all has significance and we suggest a little bit of research and find out more.

How the broom charm is made

There is nothing special about the broom.  You can find them in your local hardware store.

How to make the broom charm at home

You might as well just buy one – making sure you buy a new one each time you move home!

Interesting and fun facts about broom charm

If you stick the broom to the handle to keep it in place, it is meant to be very lucky.

If you carry a broom from the front of the house to the back you are inviting bad luck, better to go through the alleyway to the garden then.

In ancient times only those with clean hands were allowed to use the broom.

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