The Lucky Charms of Seychelles

Seychelles – the man of the woods  – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Our wish for good fortune is often closely linked to our beliefs.  Even though we may be from a highly religious country, there are still ancient folklore and tales that dictate how we act.  The practice of wise people, sometimes known as Shaman, has a rich history in bringing luck to people who seek their counsel.

Seychelles – the man of the woods 

Seychelles is a devoutly Catholic country and not many would openly admit to placing any value on lucky charms.  It is considered idolatry in Catholic belief and sinful.  Consequently, if you ask people from the island if they consult a Bonom di bwa, a man of the woods, they may not admit to it.  However, people will regularly seek consultation, guidance on how to deal with supernatural concerns.  This is either a desire to bring good fortune or to avoid the effects of evil.

History of the lucky charm of Seychelles 

The phrase Bonom di bwa comes from the French bonhomme (good man) du-bois (of the woods).  The thought is that this man will mix herbalism with spiritualism and bestow luck into potions and amulets.

Why the man of the woods charm is bringing luck

It is thought that this Bonom di bwa derives from “black magic” which is called gri-gri in Seychelles.  Despite the connotation of evil in the title of this magic, the aim of the Bonom di bwa is to provide protection in the amulets and charms provided – and so offer supernatural guidance of problems solving.

How to use the man of the woods charm 

You would visit this good man of the woods and seek a consultation.  He will use ancient spiritualism and herbalism to offer a solution to the issue you bring to his attention.

How the man of the woods charm is made

It is likely that this Bonom di bwa or Shamen has had the traditions passed down through time and he is maintaining these as part of his history.  He is a local seer, a person divined to have special powers.

How to make the man of the woods charm at home

You will find wise people who understand nature and are connected to an ancient understanding all over the world.  They may not call themselves Bonom di bwa or shamen, but they will use ancient wisdom to help shape good fortune for you.

Interesting and fun facts about the man of the woods charm

 The culture of Seychelles is influenced by the confluence of many cultures – but you can still see the impacts of the traditions of the African slaves that feared evil and ghosts and used magic as protection.


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