The Lucky Charms of The Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands – the stars – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

We all want a little bit of luck in our life.  So, we collect objects that we believe will give us a better chance of winning out.  From a rabbit’s foot to a dream catcher, there are many symbols we hope will turn fate in our favour.

The Marshall Islands – the stars 

If there is anywhere that needs some luck, it could be said to be the Marshall Islands.  It is most renowned for being the testing site for the US Atomic Bomb. Ironically, the Lucky Dragon boat that inspired the opening to the fil, Godzilla, was the victim of radioactive fallout.  The crew were far from lucky! Instead if you want some luck on the Marshall Islands, you need to look to the stars.  The deities who offer protection from fate are represented in the constellations.

History of the lucky charm of the stars

The Marshall Islands emerged as a tribal community and there were a host of lorded chiefs.  The tribes were sea-based communities who were conscious of the power of the heavens. These chiefs, much respected, and since ancient times have been represented as constellations.

Why the stars charm is bringing luck

The different stars are said to be the souls of the chiefs and so they offer life-giving powers.  Many believe that they also protect the population from evil magic – and so warn away bad luck.

How to use the stars charm 

The overlap between a magical force and religion is blurred on The Marshall Islands.  Therefore, the chiefs are considered deities that can be pleaded with for positive impacts on life.  There are elaborate shrines and sacred stones, which are places where the stars can be asked for help.

How the stars charm is made

You just have to look up at the sky! But, you will also find representations of these symbols on stones and statues where people worshipped.

How to make the stars charm at home

All the symbols and beliefs on The Marshall island are linked to nature.  There are emblems of the rise and setting of the sun.  Therefore, it is a great idea refer to the lucky stars of the island using the materials from around the island.

Interesting and fun facts about the stars charm

The symbol of an angel of the Marshall Islands’ flag represents the belief that the place is protected from above.

There is also a white star on the flag, which has 24 points and represents the municipalities of the state.

The Marshall Islands is a nation state and part of the United States.  Consequently, you can also look to the lucky charms of America, if you want something more practical. Alternatively, the island is within Oceania, so you can look to the charms based from the sea.


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