The Lucky Charms of The Netherlands

The Netherlands – Hex Symbols – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Sometimes our culture travels and emerges as something new somewhere else.  We look at our roots, even when we live somewhere else.  Such is the power of lucky symbols such as the Hex Signs that are painted on the side of barns.

The Netherlands – Hex Symbols

The Dutch do not have distinct symbols of luck that are different from the wider European experience. Horseshoes and clover do the trick here too.  However, the culture of The Netherlands travelled far and offer some interesting manifestations of luck elsewhere.  

History of the lucky charm of Hex Symbols

The Dutch Hex Signs emerged in Pennsylvania in the 17th century, arriving with the German Sutch settlers who colonised this area.  The signs can be seen painted on barns, sheds and displayed in homes in Dutch ancestors even today.

Why the Hex Symbols charm is bringing luck

There are few symbols to emerge from The Netherlands to hold such cultural heritage and spiritual significance.  Much of the symbolism is rooted in the Christian faith but there is also some question about if some of the images relate to the occult.

How to use the Hex Symbols charm

 The colour of your hex symbolises what you hope to achieve.  For instance, if you want luck in the form of growth, fertility, success and ideas, then you would choose green.  However, if you see luck in health and love, then you would choose yellow for your hex.

Animals have also commonly been used as symbolism in hex signs. If you draw a lamb, you are seeking help in the upbringing of your children.  If you draw the lamb with distelfinks, you are directly asking for luck. The distelfink is a stylised version of the common goldfinch.  The imagery is heavily borrowed from European goldfinches. 

How the Hex Symbol charm is made

The Hex symbol is a circular format that is painted like a plaque, usually on the side of barns.  You need to be careful to differentiate these from Barn Quilts, which are rectangular and originate in Ohio, USA – and is a much more American symbol. 

How to make the Hex Symbol charm at home

You should investigate the imagery that pertains to the sort of luck you hope to achieve.  Although the distelfink is an essential image for luck, you might want to match this with other symbols that represent children, love, family, faith and more.

Interesting and fun facts about Hex Symbol charm

Trinity tulips are a common symbol in Dutch Hex Signs.  The three tulips represent faith, hope and charity.  There are more eloquent meanings, for instance, “faith in yourself, in what you do, and in your fellow man.”

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