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Tonga good luck charm

Tonga, otherwise known as Polynesian Kingdom,  is a south pacific kingdom located in Oceania made of more than 170 islands, but most of them are not inhabited. It is a marvellous country covered with tropical rainforest and aligned with coral reefs and beaches. Just like most islands, the culture in Tonga is still relatively intact. Now, Tiki is one of the most fascinating charms among the people of Tonga 

History of Tiki charm in Tonga

In Tonga, statues are regarded as powerful hence the use of Tiki as a good luck charm. The history of Tiki is traceable back to the ancient Polynesian, where this charm was a representation of the Polynesian God. There are mythologies that claim that Tiki created the first man. One myth says that Tiki mixed his blood with clay and created the first man. Another one claims that Tiki was all alone on earth and wanted companionship. One day he went near a water pool and was overjoyed when he saw his reflection. However, something flew nearby and shattered his image, and Tiki was very annoyed. He covered the pool with mad, and the earth gave birth to a female companion. They also believed that there were other gods of Tiki like Lono, the god of fertility, and Kane, the god of life and light. The ancient Polynesians worshipped the gods through prayer and sacrifices. In today’s Tonga, Tiki remains sacred as the creator of the first man and as a god.

Why Tiki charm brings good luck 

In Tonga, they believe that Tiki brings luck by scaring the devil away, enhancing fertility and healing people. 

How to use Tiki charm

Tiki charm is a statue, and for good luck, you can place where it is visible to everyone in businesses and homes. During religious ceremonies, the people of Tonga use Tiki to represent their god.

How is a Tiki charm made?

You can make the Tiki charm by carving it from wood or stone. 

How to make Tiki charm at home

Making Tiki at home requires some high-levels of artistic creativity. Among the people of Tonga, Tiki is only carved by tribesmen with a high ranking in society. They do so by cutting stone or wood by use of a chisel, saw, and grinder. However, there are variations in carving Tiki charm, depending on the god you want to represent and its purpose. Tiki charm with an expression that is threatening scares away the devil while Tiki charm with a friendly facial expression is for healing, good luck, and for use in religious ceremonies. Also, other symbols with spiritual meaning are added to the carvings to make them more powerful.

Fun facts about Tiki charm

  • Some Tiki good luck statues are carved directly from very magnificent rocks and may even require over 200 men to move them to where they are supposed to rest.
  • If a highly-ranked tribesman does not carve a Tiki good luck statue, it is regarded as powerless and can only be a decoration.

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