Maneki-neko literally meaning "beckoning cat", is a common Japanese figurine (lucky charm, talisman) which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner.

Top 20 Good Luck Charms for Money

Who wouldn’t like a little extra money in their life every now and again?

From taking on more hours to picking up part time work, starting your own side gig, and entering every Lotto draw and competition under the sun, there are tons of ways of bringing a little extra cash into your life. But what if we told you there were a series of ways that you can manifest good fortune (and a few extra dollars) into your wallet today?

In this article we will be exploring 20 of the top good luck charms which are intrinsically linked to an increase in fortune – and helping you find the best ways of bringing them into your daily routine.

1. Elephant Charms

We’re starting with more of a generic one to ease us in, touching on the wisdom and luck associated with elephants. The idea is that an elephant, with its large body mass and overpowering strength, can stand as your protector and only let good fortune and good luck pass through to you – hence blocking anything bad that could cause damage or upset in your life.

There are a multitude of different charms you can get online that are built on the foundation of elephants and their strength of protection, from online charm shops to small business crafters and more.

2. Chinese Emperor Coins

What better way to attract wealth than with a coin that symbolises wealth and prosperity? In China, the Chinese Emperor Coins come in sets of 3, 5, 6 or 9, and easily fit into a standard wallet or purse so that they can be carried around by the owner wherever they go – thus inviting good fortune to cross their path at any and all times.

These coins are characterised by a square-shaped hole in the middle, so they can also be strung on a keyring or a necklace for added personal luck.

3. Three-Legged Toad

This one isn’t so much about what it is as where you put it – with the three-legged toad a popular good luck charm for wealth in Chinese Culture. Also known as Chan Chu, Chinese culture stipulates that the toad must have three rather than four legs in order to be effective, and it must be positioned in what is called ‘the wealth position’ of your home – that is, the corner of your home which is directly opposite the open doorway of your front door.

Other vital stipulations for use of the three-legged toad in attracting good fortune and wealth include:

  •       Placing it on a low cabinet, never the floor
  •       Keeping it in a well-lit area, away from the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen

The three-legged toad is typically considered a must-have good luck charm for businessmen looking to take on new clients and grow their wealth.

4. Three-Legged Toad

The laughing Buddha is also known as the Buddha of Happiness – and who wouldn’t be happy with some extra cash to hold them up? Commonly placed in living spaces and hallways, the laughing Buddha status is a good luck charm that invites all areas of prosperity and happiness into the home – from health to wellbeing and financial security. An all-round positive vibe for any family.

5. Lucky Bamboo

Having Bamboo in the home is typically regarded as lucky, as bamboo is said to bring harmony between fire, earth, wood, water, and metal. By nurturing these five elements to come together as one, bamboo is the plant of balance and calm – allowing space for good fortune to enter the home.

The placement of a bamboo plant should be towards the South East of the home as this is where wealth is said to lie. Lucky bamboo is particularly beneficial and a popular good luck charm because it is so easy to care for with low maintenance demands.

6. Money Tree

Unfortunately, money does not grow on trees – but the money tree is certainly a strong indicator of luck with its link to positive energy, deep roots that optimise vibrant and healthy growth, and the smooth and round edges which play into Feng Shui seamlessly and come together to form the ultimate plant of good luck and food fortune.

7. Lucky Fortune Cat

The lucky cat is an icon in the Eastern world which has made its way towards the West over the last few decades – sitting in homes and offices and bringing luck and fortune to the occupants. The raised paw is something to take note of as a raised left paw indicates a male cat while a raised right paw is a female cat. The male cat attracts wealth and success and is popular in offices, while the female is used to symbolise joy and prosperity in the family home.

To attract the highest intensity of money-related luck, make sure the fortune cat you purchase is gold in colour.

8. Insects

Not necessarily all insects, but beetles in particular are considered to be signs of great respect, wealth, and luck – so much so that killing one or harming it in some way is often considered to be extremely bad luck. Other insects to look out for include ladybirds, dragonflies, and crickets.

9. Feng Shui as a Concept

A lot of the good luck charms typically associated with good fortune and wealth are closely linked with Feng Shui – so much so that it follows Feng Shui is, in itself, a good luck charm for monetary wealth and fortune. Feng Shui is the art of harmonising yourself and your lifestyle with the environment around you, focussing on material things and financial security as well as the aesthetics of a space.

As such, Feng Shui has become a big part of office culture and creating a productive workspace for businessmen – and is thought to clear space for wealth building activities and luck.

10. Horseshoes

Horseshoes have been a symbol of good luck around the world for generations, with people handing old horseshoes down to their grandchildren and great grandchildren as a symbol of good luck and good fortune for years. The best way of using a horseshoe to attract wealth and money-related fortune is to hang the shoe with the two points facing upwards – allowing the horseshow to hold and store all that luck and replace it with fortune that is held right in the semi-circle shape.

Horseshoes are one of those superstitions and good luck charms that boast such huge significance that there are endless products you can find online to satisfy your need for a portable charm. Handcrafted items are some of the most popular.

11. Lucky Dice

The association between dice and games of chance means that a lucky pair of dice can quickly earn a reputation as being linked to monetary luck and fortune. This particular good luck charm runs deeper than simply the odd game of poker, with WW2 fighter pilots often carrying lucky dice with them in their planes when they felt that their safe return was more a game of chance than a fact of skill and ability. They believed that carrying dice would help tip the odds in their favour – and this feeling towards lucky dice has continued to be upheld by those looking for fortune, luck, and a little extra wealth.

12. Shooting Star

In our list of good luck charms for money and wealth, shooting stars are one of the most unpredictable and special charms you can come across – with a desire and wish for increased wealth made on a shooting star both a magical and rare moment. Songs, movies, and endless stories have been shared about the power of the stars in the sky and the galaxy beyond our planet, with wishing on a shooting star one of the most notoriously grand gestures you can make to attract and manifest your own good luck.

13. A Plant with Three Stalks

A combination of our lucky plants and the three-legged toad, this particular entry into the good luck charms for money is more specific – with a three stalk plant said to upheld happiness, longevity, and wealth for its owners. A plant with more stalks offers more chances at happiness and wealth, however it is the three prime stalks which relate and correspond to those three key areas of luck and fortune.

14. Evil Eyes

If you have ever seen the symbol of a hand with an eye in the centre, this is what’s known as the Evil Eye, and it is closely associated with warding off evil spirits and those who will take your fortune and leave you with a loss of wealth. Rather than attracting more money and inviting good luck into your life, this is a charm which keeps the negative away and protects and safeguards what you have against those who would wish ill over you.

15. Colours of Wealth

The main colours associated with wealth are of course Gold, and the regal shade of Purple. Combining these two as part of any decorative colour scheme or accessory is an instant charm for good luck and prosperity, inviting wealth and riches into your life through manifestation and an appreciation for the colours which have long reflected wealth throughout history.

These colours should be used tastefully as part of the overall concept of Feng Shui, with homeowners only allowing themselves to be drawn towards shades and objects they really like, and which serve them and their lifestyle.

16. Flowing Water

Flowing water indicates and celebrates energy, with wealth being just one part of the stream of good luck and good fortune that can reach you if you surround yourself with constantly flowing water and changing ripples. Consider visiting a fountain to cast your daily wish or invest in a small fountain of your own to bring good luck to your own home.

17. Goldfish

The association with wealth cannot be lost due to the name of this particular fish, however the real prominence lies in the fact that in China and Japan, goldfish are considered to be signs of both the growth and the preservation of wealth and success.

The best possible thing that you can do to use goldfish as a good luck charm is to invest in a total of eight goldfish and one black fish, as this specific combination symbolises and celebrates not only wealth and prosperity but also good energy and wellness.

18. Mirrors

They say that the best way to manifest something is to act as if and believe that you already have it – and what better way to make that come true than by looking directly into a mirror and telling yourself what your mindset needs to hear? Mirrors not only allow us to see ourselves, but they reflect more light and more energy into a room and they create new paths and different angles and perceptions that we might not have seen before. A happy reflection will manifest and invite more of that happiness into your life – leading to greater wealth in all areas of your lifestyle.

19. Crystals

Crystals are used by hordes of people to predict and look into their future; to assess their viability on a certain life path, and to dictate the decisions they need to make for their immediate and long term future. They can also help to manifest and breed good luck, with different crystals designed and used to create different types of luck. Citrine, Pyrite and Peridot are widely known as the money stones and, when drawn, can indicate that you are due some good financial luck.

20. Your own Motivation

Last but not least, back to you and the version of you that you put out there every day. Some of the luckiest charms out there are lucky because we say they are and we believe they are – and when we touch or carry or wear them, we transfer that positive energy into them and help our own dreams come true.

So, the next time you palm off an old good luck charm from your past in favour of something new, think about the importance you held in that item previously and how that could carry into your present and your future.