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Top 50 Ways to Attract Luck

From talisman’s to cultural myths and legends, hand-me-downs and words of inspiration, ask anyone about attracting luck and they will bring their own thoughts and opinions to the table. The fact is luck is everywhere if you look for it – and every community, family, and individual has their own take on what they consider to be lucky or unlucky.

In this article, we will be sharing 50 of the top ways of attracting luck; some well recognised and highly regarded, while others are lesser known and present more of a gamble.

The Top 10 Most Popular Methods of Attracting Luck

Let’s start with a top 10 breakdown of the methods you probably have already tried, or at least heard of at some point.

1. Leaning on Lucky Garments

An iconic starting point, this includes everything from a lucky pair of pants to lucky socks, lucky hair ties, and lucky wristbands. Whether it’s yours or gifted by someone else who swears by its lucky charm, garments that hold luck are some of the most common and popular methods used by people of all ages who want to draw luck into their life. Let’s be honest, we’ve all tried it before, right?

2. Going with your Gut

How many times have you been told to just trust or go with your gut when it comes to making a decision or deciding whether or not to do something? Intuition and the feeling you get when deciding what to do is a learned concept we pick up from experience and from the interactions we have in life, so it’s fair to say that going with your gut is a way of drawing together all those other experiences that have brought you to where you are.

3. Meeting new People

With new people come new opportunities – and you might just meet someone who becomes integral to a big piece of your life coming together, such as your love life or a new job or career change. Building your network is a great way of inviting new people and new chances at finding luck into your life.

4. Relaxing and stop looking for luck

This is a pretty big one and refers to the idea that when you stop looking for good luck and good fortune, great things will happen to you. It may seem counterproductive but relaxing into a situation and letting it proceed naturally can often lead to the best outcomes.

5. Feng Shui

It is believed that Feng Shui in the home allows good luck to flow through and penetrate into every room and the life of everyone who lives in the home. Feng Shui refers to a style of decorating which is very heavily focussed on the placement and flow of the room as a whole, from colouring to furniture and more. And if it helps invite luck into the home, then why not?!

6. Positive Affirmations and Mantras

This essentially means telling yourself that good things will happen and manifesting the best situations and the most desired outcomes into your life. Some more specific affirmations will pop up later in this list, but as one of the most popular go-to methods for attracting luck, telling yourself you are worthy of and will benefit from good luck is a great way of letting luck flow into your life.

7. Driving out Negative Thoughts

This links to the previous point and essentially shares the idea that if you hold onto negative thoughts, you cannot possibly hope to have space for positive mantras and experiences. By driving out the bad, you leave plenty of room for all that good luck – certainly, one of the more logistical methods on our list!

8. Hanging Wind Chimes outside your House

This is an interesting one, but it is believed that hanging wind chimes by the door to your home invites in good luck and fortune – literally, with wind chimes associated with wealth and money. The belief goes on to state that wind chimes should not be hung near where you eat, sleep, or work as the activity suppresses the positive energy that the wind chimes create.

9. Prayer!

Religion is not for everyone, but it is certainly one of the most globally popular methods of attracting and creating your own luck. Whether or not you believe in a God, prayer itself is the art of repeating things you wish for in a form of manifestation, bringing your own attention back towards the thing you want to happen or the outcome you want to nurture.

10. Proceeding with Confidence

This is all about breeding and creating your own good luck, by proceeding into situations and actions with confidence and the belief that your desired outcome will come true. This is not easy and is certainly not the same vibe as the lucky socks or the windchimes, but it is still one of the most popular methods for attracting luck – and has become even more popular with the rise in awareness of wellness and self-confidence.


The Other 40 Methods of Attracting Luck

With the top ten now fully covered, picked apart and assessed, let’s dive right into the remaining 40 methods of attracting luck from all around the world.

11. Owning a Horseshoe

A long lived sign of good luck, the horseshoe is said to guard your home from evil spirits – and comes directly from the horse which is considered to be a lucky animal. Horseshoes can be picked up in all manner of different stores, though they are at their luckiest when found or gifted by someone as part of a good luck blessing.

12. ‘See a Penny, Pick it Up…’

… All day long you’ll have good luck! Finding a penny is considered a Western sign of good luck, particularly if the penny is heads up when you find it.

13. Finding a four leafed clover

This is a simple one that stems from being such a rare find, with studies suggesting that the chances of finding a four leafed clover are one in 10,000. Legends on the four leafed clover differ, with some saying that the four leaves signify faith, hope, love, and luck – while others say that the good luck comes from St Patrick and the way he used a Shamrock.

14. Spotting a cricket in the house

This will depend on where you live, but if you see a cricket in your home, it is important not to throw it right out. A cricket in the home is an automatic sign of good luck in that home – perhaps explaining why Jiminy Cricket in the Disney story of Pinocchio is considered such a wise and lucky sidekick.

15. And the same with a frog…

If a frog is able to cross the threshold into your home, this is another sign of good luck! Time to open your doors and start inviting nature in to bring you some lucky vibes.

16. Kachina Dolls

This one is really restricted to the Native Americans, who believe that Kachina Dolls ward off negative spirits and are in fact the embodiment of past ancestors who have come to watch over the new generation. The dolls are each painted in six different colours to represent each of the Cardinal sins, warding the sins away and protecting the owner.

17. Bringing Bamboo into the home – and paying attention to where you place it

Feng Shui, which we touched on earlier, states that Bamboo is one of the luckiest house plants that you can have in your home – and goes on to share that where you place your Bamboo is instrumental in the kind of luck it brings. Bamboo in the East of the home encourages and breeds good health, while Bamboo in the South brings general good luck and fortune to the homeowner.

18. Hanging Mistletoe, and not just at Christmas!

For young couples and growing families, hanging mistletoe in the home invites a very specific type of luck into your lives – fertility. It also brings more generic good luck relating to wellbeing, wellness and prosperity, so is a good all-rounder, and an attractive addition to any kind of home décor.

19. Thinking about the shape of your shrubs

This is another super interesting one because it is not necessarily what you own but rather how you choose to display the natural elements around the outside of your home. This particular method of attracting good luck states that if the shrubs and bushes around your home are rounded, good luck and positive vibes can enter the home – whereas sharp edges and pointy trees ward off and discourage good vibes from entering.

20. Bringing running water into your home and garden

Running water is something we associate with cleansing and refreshment, but it is also said to purify an environment and invite positive energy and good luck into a space. A water fountain is a great addition to a garden, or else consider other ways of bringing water sources into your home and garden.

21. Meditating!

We’ve already touched on the more generic methods of attracting good luck such as engaging in positive affirmations and manifesting good thoughts, but meditation is one of the most effective and peaceful ways of clearing your mind of negativity and limiting thoughts and giving yourself the mental space to breed positivity.

22. Letting a ladybird hang out on your arm or hand for a little while

This one is fairly dependent on culture with different countries holding their own beliefs – however in all instances, encounters with a ladybird are considered to be positive in the search for good luck. A few of the examples include allowing a ladybird to land on you which improves your luck, and the idea that if a man and woman see a ladybird at the same time then they will fall in love. On the other end of the scale, killing a ladybird invites negativity and bad luck into your life – so nurture and look after them as much as you can!

23. Look out for lucky number 7

We all have our own lucky number and our own good luck charms, but the number seven is considered by a multitude of cultures to be lucky. The number 7 pops up so regularly in daily life that it’s not hard to see why this number was selected, and so anytime you see something in a group of exactly seven, know that good luck is coming your way!

24. Get to know the magpie rhyme

Though the word ‘luck’ is not referenced in the magpie song, several of the rhymes are attributed to getting good luck that invites silver, gold, and babies into your life. The exact song goes like this:

1 for sorrow, 2 for joy

3 for a girl, 4 for a boy

5 for silver, 6 for gold

7 for a secret never to be told

Notice how there are seven magpies in the song too…? (Reference back to method number 23!)

25. Find yourself a lucky rabbits foot

Another one synonymous with certain cultures, having a rabbits foot is said to be extremely lucky and can ward off evil spirits in protection of the owner. While historically this meant hanging onto a real rabbits foot, today there are tons of alternatives available for purchase, giving people the choice of buying a fake foot or even making their own.

26. Look out for lucky pigs in Germany

This is a bit of a fun one, with German families gifting each other pigs in the near year, to invite and encourage prosperity for their friends and families. There are tons of individual animal examples all over the world, with another popular one being scarab beetles which were considered lucky in Ancient Egypt and are now widely associated with Egyptian culture and history.

27. When you spot a rainbow

Have you ever tried driving to the end of the rainbow to see if you can find the mythical pot of gold? This may not necessarily be true, despite multiple legends that state that the end of the rainbow conceals a pot of gold that can be dug up by the finder, but just the luck of seeing a rainbow is considered to be lucky in itself – with many people heading out to buy lottery tickets and scratch cards when they see a rainbow in the sky.

28. Fill your mind with lucky wisdom thanks to the humble acorn

The Norse God Odin was said to have hung himself from an acorn (oak) tree in order to soak up its full power and knowledge. And ever since, acorns have been considered a great charm of good luck and wisdom. Acorns are also said to bring divine protection to Norsemen and their families and can protect homes from the natural elements as well as outside threats.

29. Visualisation!

Back to the mental wellness methods again, and this one is all about putting a picture of what you desire in your head and letting it sit there – fuelling and breeding its own luck. When you see yourself getting lucky, getting stronger, or achieving something that you want, that visualisation has the power to make it come true – as long as you are committed and hold enough self-belief and confidence.

30. Don’t just keep affirmations in your head – write them down

One of the things about positive affirmations is that they need consistency in order to work and really help you to manifest the success you desire. As such, writing these affirmations down and putting them around your home can help keep your mind trained and thus becomes an important method in helping you to formulate and create your own good luck.

31. Wearing the colour blue

The colour of the sky, of peace and of tranquillity – the act of wearing the colour blue is a powerful and simple way of attracting luck into your life. Legends and reports say that if you want to feel and be lucky on a particular day, then wearing blue can go a long way towards helping.

32. Partaking in the rituals which make you feel lucky

Imagine you have a day where everything goes right, and you feel amazing. When you look back, it can be very easy to believe that what you did that morning played a part in giving you that luck for the day, and so those activities become a sort of lucky ritual that you follow every time. Simply the act of following this ritual whenever you need luck can often be enough to give you the self-confidence you need to manifest and attract your own good luck.

33.  Don’t underestimate karma

What goes around comes around, and so it follows that if you are kind and helpful to others, that in turn will help you to earn your own good luck and good fortune. This dates back to ancient ideas and legends around karma, but the basis of the ideology has always remained the same – and is a strong contender as one of the more globally recognised methods for attracting luck.

34. Work harder to get luckier

The number one method for career-driven people and those whose luck and success rests on how hard they work – for example athletes. The belief is simple, that if you work hard enough then you will eventually earn and entice the luck and success that you deserve into your life.

35. Crossing our fingers

This is a bit of a weird superstition which dates back hundreds of years, to a time that no one can quite put a finger on. The idea that crossing your fingers breeds good luck comes from the belief that good spirits can be found at crossings – and so crossing your fingers recreates a crossing that you can manipulate towards your own situation. By crossing your fingers, you essentially open your life to good spirits and summon them towards you to help a desire come true.

36. Knocking on wood

Another superstition which is said to bring good luck – and drive away bad luck. Have you ever said something and then felt like you jinxed it, so knocked on wood just in case? This is its own form of attracting good luck, because the knocking action makes us feel like we are driving away the bad thing we encouraged and instead inviting good fortune into our path. This comes from ancient woodlands when people would knock on trees to thank the spirits for their assistance – and is a very pagan belief.

37. Have you ever wished upon a star?

For optimum luck this should really be a shooting star, and again relates back to that idea we discussed earlier where rare natural phenomenon’s become a kind of good luck symbol for those who get to see them. The thought around wishing on a star is that stars are so far away, and bring such light into our sky, that they can take our wishes and dreams up and help them come true – bringing us good luck whenever we find ourselves outside beneath a starry sky.

38. Breaking a wishbone

Breaking a wishbone and stating that the person who ends up with the bigger bit has good luck, comes from a tradition which dates back to an Italian empire that was conquered eventually by the Romans. In short, the luck surrounding this one is so long-lived that it’s one of the most well known and respected traditions for attracting good luck out there.

39. Be as approachable as you can

This one links back to meeting new people that we discussed way back in the top 10 methods for attracting good luck. In short, it means that by being approachable, you are opening yourself up to endless positive interactions which could ultimately lead to good luck – for both you and the other person. Shutting people out means that what they can offer you is lost, but if you let them in then you never know what opportunity they may bring.

40. Don’t just manifest good fortune, EXPECT it

If you act like you are already lucky, then luck will naturally fall into your lap – through a combination of confidence and the kind of action which attracts and comes to winners and those who are successful. They say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have – and this works in much the same way.

41. Reduce stress, and subsequently increase productivity

This may seem obvious but reducing the stress indicators in your life will automatically help you to become more productive with your time – replacing the lost time with actions and thoughts that can help you to grow and become more successful.

42. Become better at managing your time

A similar point to the last one, but with more of a focus on time and how you choose to manage and use the time that you are given. One of the most eye opening quotes out there reminds people of how they have the exact same number of minutes in the day as all the millionaires and celebrities – and if they can use theirs so wisely, so can you. Find out what kind of time management techniques work for you and attract luck into your life by making time for the things that make you feel lucky!

43. Writing up a page of appreciation every day

This is also known as practising gratitude and can be a powerful tool in aligning you with your life and what it is about your life that makes you feel happy and grateful. Once you have identified what it is that makes you feel happy, you are in a much better position to go out and attract that kind of balance and happiness into your life in bigger doses.

44. Get over negative thoughts within 30 seconds

This can take some practice, but as a method for attracting good luck it is integral in ensuring you have space to manifest and invite all that good luck in. If you dwell on negativity and the past, you are not bringing or allowing good luck into your life for the future – and that is the crucial thing to understand. Until you can train your mind to focus on the positive, you will never be able to fully entertain the idea of manifesting your own good luck and belief that you are lucky.

45. Place an elephant in your home

Back to our Feng Shui tips again, and this one relates to the idea that elephants bring luck and are a good figure to have somewhere in your home. Elephants are hugely protective animals and are a global symbol of wisdom and strength – both things that you need in order to enjoy genuine and authentic good luck.

46. Use Crystals

This method of attracting luck isn’t for everyone, but for some the idea of using crystals as part of their everyday ritual is key in drawing in positive vibes and pushing out the negative vibes and evil spirits. Different crystals mean and invite different things into your life, so do your research and ensure that the crystals you choose are aligned with your goals – rather than simply chosen for their aesthetic appearance.

47. Remember these affirmations…

I am worthy.

I am lucky.

I attract good things in my life.

Everyday I get more and more lucky.

Luck follows me wherever I go.

48. Ask Questions

Just like meeting new people and being approachable, asking questions is another method of attracting good luck by breeding and inviting opportunity into your life. People who ask the right questions will discover the answers they need to overcome setbacks and continue on their path of good fortune and good luck – towards their goals and beyond.

49. Get to know the word’s good luck charms

Every country, community, and culture has one – and they all differ in terms of what kind of good luck they present, and what kind of omens and threats they can protect the owner or family home from. The more research you do into these good luck charms, the better your chance of choosing one that will work for you and invite the right kind of luck into your life.

50. See bad luck as a chance to grow

After all, that’s exactly what bad luck is. A chance to grow, to learn from your mistakes, to develop and to become better for the future. The greatest examples of good luck come from events and things that have gone wrong – so use your bad luck as a lesson and a chance to expand your possibilities and abilities. This is when you have the most opportunity to improve yourself and really invite that good luck into your life through meaningful change.


The Takeaway

Good luck charms are everywhere, if only we open our eyes to see them and allow ourselves to embrace and really use them as the powerful tools they are.

The above list is not exhaustive and there are many other things you can do and charms you can own if you want to attract good luck. Has anything different worked for you in the past? If so, we want to hear about it!