Street lighting pole with two opposite directional arrows over blue cloudy background. Bad Luck versus Good Luck concept.

100 Ways to Avoid Bad Luck

They say that good luck can be found anywhere and everywhere, if only you open your eyes to find it. The problem is that where good luck exists, bad luck is often close behind – and it comes down to the decisions you make which guide you towards the right or wrong path in life. Bad luck can come in all different forms, from bad luck in love and relationships, to the bad luck associated with poor financial and business…

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Round vector decorating design made of Lucky Charms. Colorful card template

Top 50 Ways to Attract Luck

From talisman’s to cultural myths and legends, hand-me-downs and words of inspiration, ask anyone about attracting luck and they will bring their own thoughts and opinions to the table. The fact is luck is everywhere if you look for it – and every community, family, and individual has their own take on what they consider to be lucky or unlucky. In this article, we will be sharing 50 of the top ways of attracting luck; some well recognised and highly…

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7 dream symbols believed to bring you good luck

When we think of dreams and good luck we might think of winning the lottery or finding the love of our lives. We consider all the ways our lives could be better. These are daydreams and are little more than fantastical wonderings. But what about those dreams that happen when we close our eyes each nighttime? What’s in a dream? Our dreams as we sleep are different from those of the day time. Not only do they explore our hopes…

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How good luck charms reflect world cultures

Through time and around the world, good luck charms have been an important part of the way we express our culture. Whether as symbols of hope or just as a souvenir, the talisman is distinct to the place in which it emerges. Whether it is the four-leaf clover in Ireland, the dala horses in Sweden, the golden toads from China or the Scarabs from Egypt, there are all sorts of charms that are said to bestow the owner with better…

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15 New Year Good Luck Traditions

When the bells chime to ring in 2021 we won’t be sad to see the end of 2020. It has been one of the most challenging years of our time. Therefore, we are looking for traditions and superstitions that will help guide us to a better time ahead. So, get ready to share a socially distanced air hug and blow that horn for the new year with these New Year’s superstitions. #1 Kiss at midnight Find someone in your bubble…

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The Lucky Charms of Palau

Palau – Four-Leaf Clover – Good Luck Charms from Around the World THe are lucky charms that transcend borders.  No matter where you travel, these objects are imbued with a power that is both mysterious and unquestioned.  Such objects as the horseshoe, the rabbit’s foot and the four-leaf clover. Palau – the four-leaf clover On Pilau $5 coin is a colourful and shiny image of a four-leafed clover.  Here, the journey to obtain luck is linked directly with the finances…

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North Korea Good Luck Charm

It is common to hear news networks in North Korea propagating news that portray the West and specifically America in a bad light. Interestingly though, despite the ideological differences between the two countries, many North Koreans have continued to idolize the United States 1 dollar bill. Yes, the dollar bill has gained popularity as a symbol of good luck, and hence many Koreans keep it to attract good fortune in their lives. History of the 1 dollar bill good luck…

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