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The United Arab Emirates good luck charm

The United Arab Emirates is one fast-rising country in the western part of Asia. Its official language is Arabic, with an Islamic religion as the most dominant. UAE is known for its vast oil and gas reserves, businesses, and tourism. It is also the home of Burj Khalifa, the world tallest building. Yes, they are modernizing fast, but they still hold on to traditions influenced by their religious beliefs. Some people use the hand of Fatima also known as Khamsa as a good luck charm

History of the Hand of Fatima as a good luck charm

Hamsa (Hand of Fatima) is a good luck amulet that is palm-shaped. This charm is named after the daughter of Prophet Mohammed, Fatima. Its use can be traced back to ancient Carthage, presently known as Tunisia and Mesopotamia, today’s Iraq. Traditionally, it was carved from silver, a metal that was used to represent purity. The Hand of Fatima was majorly used to protect women from evil eyes, boost their fertility and health during pregnancy, and give them strength. Its popularity increased towards tribes in North Africa and the Middle East who adopted it as a symbol of protection. 

Why Hand of Fatima charm brings good luck

The strong hand that symbolized the Hand of Fatima gives good luck, power, and strength. Then, the eye symbol on the Hand of Fatima acts as protection against the evil eye, including malicious stares and energy. The Hand of Fatima can be depicted in different ways for different meanings. If the hands are spread, it wards off evil, and when the fingers are together, it brings good luck. If the fingers point up, it wards off evil, and if the fingers are facing down, it brings good luck.

How to use Hand of Fatima as a good luck charm

You can use the Hand of Fatima good luck charm as a piece of jewelry in the form of a bracelet, earrings, and necklaces. Also, you can hang it on the door or get the symbol tattooed on the body

How is the Hand of Fatima good luck charm made? 

You can make Hand of Fatima by carving it from metals like silver and gold and wood. 

How to make Hand of Fatima at home 

Making the Hand of Fatima at home can be challenging, especially as it requires special artistic skills. Therefore, alternatively, buy your charm from an antic store or make an order online. 

Fun facts about Hand of Fatima 

  • The five fingers of the Hand of Fatima represent the five pillars of Islam.
  • If you give the Hand of Fatima to someone as a gift, it is a way of passing protection, good luck, and compassion wishes.
  • The use of Hand of Fatima has been adopted in many other religions like parts of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and Hinduism

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