United Kingdom Acorn Good Luck Charm

The acorn is considered to be sacred in many cultures. In ancient times it was associated with magic because of the enormous and strong oak tree that would grow from such a small acorn. For a long time, it was thought that could only happen if supernatural forces were at work. In the United Kingdom, the acorn is considered to a good luck charm for anyone who carries one.

History of The Acorn Good Luck Charm

It is thought that the English used to carry acorns to protect themselves during the Norman conquest. The dry acorns are believed to have saved the soldiers from serious injuries and brutalities that may otherwise have been inflicted upon them. Because of this, they were considered to be a good luck charm and the people of the United Kingdom continued to carry them.

Why the Acorn Charm Brings Luck

Due to the fact that an oak tree grows from an acorn, this nut has always been associated with growth, hope, and new life. These are in return associated with good luck and in ancient times they were also believed to offer protection. In modern times the focus has moved from acorns offering protection and towards the symbolism of new life and fertility.

How to Use the Acorn Charm

The acorn is not often carried as an actual nut fallen from an oak tree anymore. In fact, most people who believe in the good luck properties of acorns will wear them as part of a charm bracelet where a tiny acorn, usually made of silver will be attached to a bracelet along with many other charms. This is thought to bring good luck to the wearer.

How the Acorn Charm Is Made

For anyone who still wishes to carry around an actual acorn as a good luck charm, they will be able to find one under an oak tree! For others who don’t want the real deal, there are many ways that Acorn charms are made. It is usual for them to be fairly small and made from metal such as silver. They may be placed on a charm bracelet but may also be made into other jewelry like earrings, cufflinks, placed on a necklace or they have been made into keyrings and bookmarks to carry around.

How to Make the Acorn Charm at Home

Anyone who has an interest in jewelry making could potentially make their own acorn charm for themselves or someone else. Shape an acorn and place it on a necklace or other item. If you want a real acorn, your local woodland is bound to have an oak tree.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Acorn Charm

  • There is a popular saying in the United Kingdom ‘great oaks from tiny acorns grow’ which is thought to date back before the 14th century.

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