United Kingdom

United Kingdom Acorn Good Luck Charm

The acorn is considered to be sacred in many cultures. In ancient times it was associated with magic because of the enormous and strong oak tree that would grow from such a small acorn. For a long time, it was thought that could only happen if supernatural forces were at work. In the United Kingdom, the acorn is considered to a good luck charm for anyone who carries one. History of The Acorn Good Luck Charm It is thought that…

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United Kingdom Horseshoe Good Luck Charm

The Horseshoe is a very popular and well-known symbol of good luck. There are numerous myths about why they bring good luck to people. History of The Horseshoe Good Luck Charm The crescent shape that is seen on a horseshoe has been thought to be a shape that holds power going back to medieval times, and probably before. There are also legends in the Celtic tradition that horseshoe jewelry could be used to keep mischievous or wicked fairies at bay.…

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United Kingdom Fumsups Good Luck Charm

The history of the UK is steeped in kings, queens, and castles, as well as battles, won and lost. The need for good luck charms has been present in UK society for hundreds of years and seems to be continuing for many more! History of The Fumsups Good Luck Charm The Fumsup was first used during the late 19th Century when the UK was deploying soldiers to battles across the world. The small charm comes in the form of a…

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