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The United States good luck charm 

The United States is a country known for diversity and modernization that has, in turn, led to erosion of traditions and culture. That said, some tribes in the US  believe in the use of the dream catcher as a good luck charm.

History of the dream catcher as a good luck charm

The charm used in native America is believed to have originated from the Ojibwa Chippewa people who traditionally named the dream catcher or asabikeshiinh. It is a name that translates to spider. They believed that a “spider woman” offered protection and comfort to the tribe and especially to children. But, with the continued growth of the Ojibwa people, the “spider woman” was unable to offer protection. Therefore, she created the first dream catcher that, on her behalf, could watch over the tribe. From this belief, mothers and grandmother in Ojibwa continued making the dream catcher for protection to children and families who are far from them. This practice has continued among the American Natives.

Why dream catcher charm brings good luck

The webs in the dream catcher are believed to trap all the bad dreams and nightmares. Upon sunrise, the bad dreams and the nightmares are burnt up as they cannot be able to survive the light of the day. Through the puffy feathers attached to the dream catcher, good dreams flow to the sleeper, allowing them to sleep comfortably. The beads attached to the dream catcher are a symbol of good dreams. 

How to use the dream catcher as a good luck charm 

For good luck, the dream catcher is hung above the bed. 

How is a dream catcher made?

In native America, the dream catcher is easily crafted from natural materials. A wooden hoop made from a red willow branch is covered with a net or web made from natural fibers. At the bottom of the wooden hoop, beads and feathers are attached hanging downwards.

How to make the dream catcher charm at home 

You can try making a dream catcher at home. First, gather the materials that you need

  • Feathers 
  • Circular bracelet with a width of about 7cm
  • Thread and needle
  • Relatively thicker thread about 160 cm long
  • Lace
  • Beads

Then, cover the bracelet by raping it around with a thread

Locate a starting point on the loop and secure it with your thicker thread. From the securing point, create loops of any shape that you desire. They could be pentagonal or octagonal until you achieve your desired web look.

At the bottom of your loop, tie around pieces of lace about 4 inches long.

Unto the laces, thread your beads.

Tie your feathers at the bottom of the beads to complete your dream catcher.

Take a wire or a piece of lace and tie it at the top of the dream catcher.

Now, using the wire or lace, hang the dream catcher at your desired place.

Fun facts about the dream catcher charm

  • Traditionally, dream catchers were made from materials that could dry up like sinew or willow. 
  • The process of drying illustrated to the children that nothing lasts forever, and therefore they should appreciate what they have and use them well.

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