United States of America Barnstar Good Luck Charm

The history of the United State of America is filled with battles and wars that have been won and lost. The veterans and current military are treated with reverence and respect across the whole country. They all are thankful to have people who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for them.

History of The Barnstar Good Luck Charm

The history of the Barnstar began when people looked to make decorations for their farms and ranches. The charm is a star shape and can be seen above doors and barns. They are believed to bring good luck and more recently have been made into charms that can be given to people to keep as good luck charms.

Why the Barnstar Charm Brings Luck

Traditionally, the barnstar works in the same way that the metal horseshoe does when getting lucky. By hanging it over your door you will enjoy a home that is filled with love, laughter, and luck.

How to Use the Barnstar Charm

The charm can be hung over your door to make your house lucky or the small metal barnstar charms can be given to those you love to help protect them and bring them luck. They have become a popular gift to give men and women who are serving in the military to help deliver them home safely.

How the Barnstar Charm Is Made

The original barnstars were made from wood and attached to the house. Modern barnstars that are given as charms are typically made from metal and hung onto a necklace for the recipient to wear.

How to Make the Barnstar Charm at Home

If you want to make your own barnstar then you will need to draw a 5 pointed star template to use of any material of your choice. Next, you need to cut out the symbol and then decorate it if you wish. The smaller charms that are given to individuals tend to be decorated with the American flag colors.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Barnstar Charm

  • Barnstars are common in the United States of America but are most common in Pennsylvania

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