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Vatican City good luck charm 

Vatican City is the smallest independent nation-state in the world. It is the Roman Catholic church headquarters and home to the Pope. It has housed more than 55 popes since 1377. Vatican City is one of the most visited cities in the world, with over 5 million visitors every year who come to see the magnificent Vatican palace and famous art like Michelangelo Pieta. It is a city of traditions, and one of the interesting ones is the use of cornicello as their good luck charm. It is a practice that is also popular in other parts of Italy.

History of the cornicello good luck charm 

Cornicello (little horn) is a long, twisted horn-shaped good luck amulet used in Vatican City. Cornicello is of ancient origin in Italy, where they used it for good fortune and fertility. The charm was made of red coral, silver or gold. Cornicello’s resemblance to an eland horn was associated with strength, fertility, and virility in men. The red color and the phallic shape of the red coral were sacred to the Priapus god of fertility, while coral was sacred to Venus, goddess of prosperity, love, and fertility. The red coral resemblance to the red chilli pepper was associated with good luck. 

In the ancient ages, there was a belief that an evil eye could harm babies, mothers, milk animals as well as damage male sperms and trees that yield fruits, etc. People, therefore, used cornicello as protection against the evil eye. Today, cornicello’s good luck charm is still popular in Vatican City and other states in Italy. 

Why cornicello charm brings good luck 

Cornicello protects babies, pregnant, and nursing mothers from the evil eye. It also promotes fertility and prosperity and brings love and happiness into marriage. It also believed to ward off bad luck from businesses and homes.

How to use cornicello as a good luck charm >

You can use the cornicello good luck charm in the form of jewelry like in necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The amulet can be hung on the entrance door of houses and businesses and rearview mirrors in your car. It is common for tourists who visit Vatican City to use it as a souvenir.

How is cornicello made? 

In ancient times, cornicello was carved from red coral, silver, and gold. It is pretty much the same items that are also used to make the good luck charm today.

How to make cornicello charm at home 

Making Cornicello at home can be challenging as red coral, silver, and gold can be expensive. There is also a lot of expertise required. You can get the lucky charm from antic stores and along the streets if you live or happen to visit Vatican City or any Italian states. Online shops also sell you cornicello at an affordable price.

Fun facts about cornicello charm

  • Cornicello charm is made from silver as it is sacred to Luna, the moon goddess.
  • A cornicello charm brings luck if it is gifted to someone, so people exchange cornicello charm as presents.
  • The cornicello is worn only by men among the Italian-Americans. 

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