Vietnam Dragon Good Luck Charm

The dragon of luck and life of Vietnam can be seen virtually everywhere throughout the country. Because of it role in Vietnamese culture since time immemorial, there are numerous variations of dragons seen everywhere you look. They are built into buildings, there are statues scattered throughout Vietnam depicting different forms of the Vietnamese dragon, and there are limitless pieces of art featuring the dragon of life, luck and prosperity.

History Of The Dragon Good Luck Charm

The history of the dragon in Vietnamese culture dates back very far. According to Vietnamese Lore, the dragon is like a forefather for everyone in Vietnam, hence the phrase assigned to Vietnamese people, “Descendants of the Dragon”. That is why the dragon is seen as a source of life, creation, and growth. Through millennia, the dragon of Vietnam has changed many times in form, but it has always been a symbol of luck.

Why The Dragon Charm Brings Luck

There are many reasons that dragons bring luck in Vietnam. One of those reasons is that they help bring rain. Other reasons include their ability to bring luck to a person’s existence, including growth and strength, as well as their ability to create opportunities for wealth.

How To Use The Dragon Charm

To benefit from the dragon charm all you need to do is have the dragon present. You don’t need to create a monumental dragon sculpture to take advantage of the luck that the dragon brings either. Simply find a traditional Vietnamese dragon design that you like and feel connected to and keep it close to you.

How The Dragon Charm Is Made

Dragon charms come in various form factors and each one has a different method for how the dragon charm is made. In Vietnam, it is common to see jewelry made in the form of a dragon, but paintings are even more popular.

How to Make the Dragon Charm at Home

You could try your hand at soapstone carving to replicate the jade dragons of Vietnam, or you can purchase your own piece of jewelry in the form of a dragon. Alternatively, you can create your own dragon from clay and bake it hard in the oven before painting it.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Dragon Charm

  • The Vietnamese dragon for luck likely originated in China.
  • Ha Noi hasn’t always been known by the name we know today. Its ancient name means ‘ascending dragon’.

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