What star signs are lucky?

There are many people who believe that your star sign impacts your personality. However, a little less known is that your place in astrology can also impact on the way the world works for you. Whether you are Aries, Leo or Scorpio can impact how your luck plays out. Here we go through each of the star signs and explore the luck they can expect.


Aries is ruled by Mars. It is, therefore, a star sign in the red colour spectrum, which is auspicious for your good fortune. It is an asset, as you are able to lift your mood and improve the way others see you in life. Consequently, if you want to add to this great fortune you should wear red clothes as much as possible. You will also find your luckiest day is a Tuesday. And if you really want to enhance your luck, team up with a Virgo for all your ventures.


The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. As you can imagine, this means that Taurians are said to be lucky in love. To heighten this luck this bullish sign needs to wear green to help balance you with nature and offer a calmer appearance to potential companions. If you are a Taurian, your lucky day is Friday and you will want to use this day to indulge your enjoyment of sensory pleasures.


Geminis are able to juggle multiple priorities, so this sign would argue that it is their hard work and zest for achievement that transform into luck. If you are Gemini and you want to improve your luck, wear yellow, to add a sense of optimism to your approach to the world. Try keeping a journal to increase your fortune, as it will keep your mind sharp. As you can see, much of the good fortune created by Geminis is earned by their approach to life. So, they are less lucky and more worthy of positive outcomes.


Unfortunately for Cancer, you are ruled by the moon. Consequently, your moods and so your sense of positivity will wax and wane like the patterns of the tide. Therefore, if you want to know when to maximise your fortune you need to keep your more important events aligned with the positive energy of the moon.

Your best colour for good fortune is silver and seashells should help you feel better. However, if you want to take opportunity for your peak luck then choose to do your most vital work on a Monday.


You wouldn’t have thought that the lion of the star charts would need any luck at all. The passion and power of your personality are enough to drive your good fortune. Travel is the luckiest activity for Leo while wearing the colour gold. Whereas Cancer is ruled by the moon, Leo is driven by the sun and therefore feels most prosperity when there is light shining down on them. To keep that pattern going, your lucky day is Sunday.


Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so their keen intelligence will help them shape their own fortune. No luck is needed for a Virgo – but if they want to make sure, then they should wear purple. Remember to find yourself an Aries if you want to make money and make sure you launch your business on a Wednesday.


Librans are both balanced but also ruled by the planet Venus, so driven by love. Therefore, they are a sign that should find luck in romance and they will be the perfect sign to help you, should you need advice on your relationships.

If you are a Libra, you are probably too level headed to be dictated to by luck. However, if you want to make sure you should weak pastel colours and make sure you do your best work on a Friday.


Ruled by Mars and with the Scorpion as your symbol, you are a fearsome force. Your colours are black and maroon – which should offer you even more power.

A Scorpio is more influenced by animals than any other sign of the zodiac. Therefore, spotting these symbols in your life as a Scorpio bodes well for your future – lookout for spiders, lizards, serpents, wolves, eagles, doves or phoenix.

If you want the magic of fate to work for you, then you need to do your most essential tasks on Tuesday.


If you want to know which sign is the king and queen of luck, it is the Sagittarian. They are ruled by the lucky planet of Jupiter, which helps. However, they are also helped by their naturally spontaneous and adventurous spirit – so they tend to take more chances and feel the benefit of these risks more than not.

Thursday is your best day and you need to make sure you are around horses to increase your luck – especially when wearing purple. It might be worth remembering this when betting on a horse race. Maybe you should back the jockey born in early December who wears purple. If they are number 6 – definitely put a fiver on for a win!


Like Scorpios, you are drawn to dark colours and you have a brooding presence. You need to wear darker colours to help you feel balanced that will help you feel lucky. The thing is, for a Capricorn, they are usually luckier than they think they are. You just need to look at the world a little better to spot your good fortune. Saturday is your day – and a time to use that amazing sense of humour.


You have magic on your side. You have an inner empathy that helps you get the most out of people. Therefore, you are a person that will feel lucky because you are able to work with the world. Try to get your best luck by doing tasks on a Wednesday.


You have happy and spark-filled energy that will create luck for you. While green makes the most of your personality, your psychic energy will bring you all the good fortune you need!