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Yemen good luck charms 

Yemen, officially known as the Republic of Yemen, is one of the largest countries in the Peninsula. Yemen is home to the dragon blood tree and the world’s oldest skyscraper city, Shibam. From the 18th to around the mid-20th century, Yemen had silversmiths famous for crafting silver jewelry that was used around the world. The people of Yemen value the metal a lot, and they still use silver jewelry as a good luck charm.

History of the silver jewelry good luck charm 

The use of silver jewelry among the people of Yemen can be traced back way before the 18th century. Hundreds of silversmiths around the country made silver jewelry and supplied it around the world at a time when the demand was high. The silver jewelry was used not just for decorations but also for protection against the evil eye. 

In fact, they made the jewelry using items that were believed to bring good luck. Triangles on the jewelry signified fertility in women, stones like agate and coral amber signified protection against evil. Shapes like the crescent moon, the sun, and the eye protected them from the jealousy and the evil eye. Even though the silversmiths have reduced due to factors like cultural diversity and migration, silver jewelry is still used as a good luck charm in Yemen.

Why silver jewelry charm brings good luck

Silver jewelry is believed to protect against the evil eye and harm. It also enhances fertility among women.

How to use silver jewelry as a good luck charm  

You can use the charm as a piece of silver jewelry like a necklace, ring, earring, or bracelet. Moreover, the silver jewelry pieces and glitters can be tailored to clothes and scarfs

How is silver jewelry charm made?

The silver jewelry protective charm was simply made incorporating protective symbols into silver metal.

How to make silver jewelry charm at home 

Well, you can make your silver jewelry charm at home. First, you can use the repousse decorative technique where, using hardened steel, you hammer your charm design on a thin sheet of silver. You can also decide to cast your charm by pouring molten silver in a mold of the shape of the charm that you desire. Another method is the casting technique whereby you decorate a silver sheet on its surface by cutting lines and patterns of the protective symbol that you want.

Fun facts about silver jewelry charm

  • The noise that is produced by silver is believed to scare away evil spirits


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