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Zimbabwe good luck charm 

Zimbabwe is a country located in southern Africa. Despite being known for the late President Mugabe, it is known for its beautiful landscape and wildlife, making it a perfect tourist destination for safaris. The likes of Victoria falls, the world’s largest waterfall, and Lake Kariba are some of the biggest attractions. It is a country also known to be rich traditions like the use of traditional medicine for treatment and prevention of diseases, boosting immunity, and for good luck! The hissing tree locally known as Muhacha is one of the trees that is commonly used by the Shona people of Zimbabwe as a good luck charm.

History of the muhacha good luck charm 

Muhacha is one of the trees considered sacred in Zimbabwe. It is a big tree with ever dark green leaves and oval fruits. The use of Muhacha tree as a good luck charm can be traced back to ancestral times. It was used as a luck charm and to bring back lost lovers and to exorcise evil spirits. The people of Shona prayed under that tree to cast out evil spirits as they believed their god would easily hear their prayers.

They also used the tree for the treatment of diseases like ear infections, tuberculosis, STD, and python bites, etc. It was also a form of medication for women who had troubles conceiving. To date, the Shona of Zimbabwe, both Christians, and non-Christians, still use muhacha for medical reasons, good luck, and to remove evil spirits.

Why muhacha charm brings good luck

Muhacha is believed to protect against people and homesteads who have evil spirits. The Shona of Zimbabwe believe that praying under the Muhacha tree is a medium that makes it easy for their god to hear their prayers. Evil spirits are also thought to be easy to remove under the tree.

How to use muhacha as a good luck charm  

For good luck, one has to go and pray under the muhacha tree. You can also carve a holy cross from the tree that you can wear around the neck, hang in homes, businesses, and cars for protection against the evil spirits. 

How is muhacha charm made? 

One of the muhacha charms is a holy cross that you can make by carving it from Muhacha tree wood. 

How to make muhacha charm at home 

You can try using the muhacha good luck charm at home if you have access to the tree. It is, however, easier if you can buy amulets like the holy carved from the tree. 

Fun facts about muhacha charm

  • Muhacha trees should not be cut or destroyed as the ancestral spirits live in the tree’s branches.

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