Street lighting pole with two opposite directional arrows over blue cloudy background. Bad Luck versus Good Luck concept.

100 Ways to Avoid Bad Luck

They say that good luck can be found anywhere and everywhere, if only you open your eyes to find it. The problem is that where good luck exists, bad luck is often close behind – and it comes down to the decisions you make which guide you towards the right or wrong path in life. Bad luck can come in all different forms, from bad luck in love and relationships, to the bad luck associated with poor financial and business…

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Maneki-neko literally meaning "beckoning cat", is a common Japanese figurine (lucky charm, talisman) which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner.

Top 20 Good Luck Charms for Money

Who wouldn’t like a little extra money in their life every now and again? From taking on more hours to picking up part time work, starting your own side gig, and entering every Lotto draw and competition under the sun, there are tons of ways of bringing a little extra cash into your life. But what if we told you there were a series of ways that you can manifest good fortune (and a few extra dollars) into your wallet…

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Round vector decorating design made of Lucky Charms. Colorful card template

Top 50 Ways to Attract Luck

From talisman’s to cultural myths and legends, hand-me-downs and words of inspiration, ask anyone about attracting luck and they will bring their own thoughts and opinions to the table. The fact is luck is everywhere if you look for it – and every community, family, and individual has their own take on what they consider to be lucky or unlucky. In this article, we will be sharing 50 of the top ways of attracting luck; some well recognised and highly…

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Finland Hannunvaakuna Good Luck Charm

A quick search online will draw up endless search results relating to Finland’s native good luck charm – the Hannunvaakuna – from ancient explorations of the good luck charm at work, to modern day garments and gifts which display the symbol in all its finery for 21st century followers to buy into. But what is the symbol, where did it come from, and what does it mean for those who own it? The term ‘Hannunvaakuna’ is visually defined as a…

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Sweden Dalecarlian Horse Good Luck Charm

Also referred to as simply the ‘Dala Horse’, the Dalecarlian Horse was once a symbol used in Pagan worship and originated in the province of Dalarna in the heart of Sweden. The Dalecarlian horse is a prime example of a simple toy which was crafted by hand, and which over time became a valuable skill which boosted the economy and soon grew to become recognised as one of the staple pieces of Swedish culture. When purchased as a toy or…

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South Korea Luck Charm Pujok

  With so many superstitions at play across South Korea, having a two-pronged good luck charm is a blessing for the communities who fear both evil spirits and bad luck. The Pujok has been a part of South Korean tradition for over 4,000 years and is still used by communities today to invite good luck into their homes and keep bad and evil spirits away. The Pujok is identified traditionally as a yellow piece of paper which is often stuck…

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Lesotho Molomo Monate Good Luck Charm

Lesotho, an independent country surrounded on all sides by South African borders, also known as the Kingdom of Lesotho, bases a large part of its economy and community stability on farming. Thus, it seems appropriate that the main bulk of official good luck charms and magic properties for Lesotho come from plants rather than handcrafted local objects. But what kind of luck is brought on and nurtured by the Molomo Monate plant, and how do plants and their magical powers…

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Cuban Azabache Good Luck Charm

The Azabache Good Luck Charm All people have their cultural beliefs, and in Cuba, they have many beliefs surrounding bad luck. In Cuba, a Latin American country, newborn babies are gifted with a good luck charm that is thought to keep away bad luck and thoughts. This charm is known as Azabache and is either worn as a necklace or bracelet to protect babies from the Evil Eye or Mal De Ojo. In most Latin countries, the common belief is…

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Togo | Good Luck Charm | Voodoo doll

Togo good luck charm Togo is a country in the West of Africa famous for its palm-lined beaches and hilltop villages. In Togo, Voodoo religion is common as an intervention against evil powers and diseases. People of Togo use charms such as dead animals, skulls, and dolls for good luck.  History of the Voodoo doll in Togo Voodoo, also referred to as Voudon, originated from Afro-Caribbean in Louisiana and Haiti, where slaves combined their traditional beliefs with Roman Catholic beliefs.…

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Tonga | Good Luck Charm | Tiki

Tonga good luck charm Tonga, otherwise known as Polynesian Kingdom,  is a south pacific kingdom located in Oceania made of more than 170 islands, but most of them are not inhabited. It is a marvellous country covered with tropical rainforest and aligned with coral reefs and beaches. Just like most islands, the culture in Tonga is still relatively intact. Now, Tiki is one of the most fascinating charms among the people of Tonga  History of Tiki charm in Tonga In…

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