East Timor Crocodile Good Luck Charm

East Timor, now also known as Timor-Leste, have always held a close affiliation with crocodiles, being a native species to that area of the world. Despite countless attacks occurring in the country every year, locals have never wavered in their affection for the deadly reptile.

History Of Crocodile Good Luck Charm

Crocodiles are closely linked with the mythological past of East Timor itself. Legend suggest that a crocodile befriended a young boy, and ultimately sacrificed itself to provide a home for the boy. The bumps and ridges along the back of the reptile transformed into the mountains that are visible today on the island of East Timor. There is also a belief by some that crocodiles alive today are their ancestors, which is why many refuse to believe stories of the attacks.

Why Crocodile Charm Brings Luck

If a crocodile visits a village in East Timor or you encounter one while visiting the water, it is considered to be a blessing being bestowed by the ancestors.

How To Use Crocodile Charm

The presence of crocodiles is considered to be fortuitous so it’s entirely a personal decision how to pay homage. A statue or ornament in the home is an easy way to do this, without any personal risk.

How Crocodile Charm Is Made

As crocodiles are considered to be sacred, it’s essential that none are harmed to make the charm. Therefore, wooden or carved statues are considered to be a more appropriate token of good luck, respecting the holy reptile.

How To Make Crocodile Charm At Home

If you have pottery or wood-carving skills yourself, you could create a crocodile charm. It’s important that whatever you create is a respectful tribute to the crocodile if you want to enjoy the good fortune that crocodiles bring. If not, why not create one from clay and paint it dark green.

Interesting And Fun Facts About Crocodile Charm

• Rather than keep charms, some families in East Timor keep a live crocodile at their home to bring good luck!
• Researchers believe that the crocodiles being seen in greater numbers in East Timor may be the saltwater crocodiles from Australia that swim for several days to change territory.

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