India Cat’s Eye Stone Good Luck Charm

Cat’s eye stone is the colloquial term for a naturally occurring gemstone. Chrysoberyl comes in a number of varieties and one of its subtypes, cymophane, is often known as cat’s eye stone because of its remarkable striking appearance. With a luminous streak and distinctive yet subtle banding, the overall effect is similar to that of a cat’s eye, hence the nickname. Cat’s eye stone is used in India to bring good fortune, luck and to aid in the return of prosperity and wealth.

History Of The Cat’s Eye Stone Good Luck Charm

The unusual appearance of cat’s eye stone has always attracted attention and was believed to hold strong interplanetary energy. Vedic astrology twinned cat’s eye stone with Ketu, the supernatural being; he can be somewhat malevolent but wearing his gemstone is believed to allay his negativity.

Why The Cat’s Eye Stone Charm Brings Luck

The cat’s eye stone is believed to have intrinsic metaphysical features which attract good luck. When worn as a talisman it also provides psychic protection.

How To Use The Cat’s Eye Stone Charm

The cat’s eye stone charm has the ability to guard against bad luck and is particularly associated with returning wealth and financial prosperity. It’s often used as a betting charm to bring good luck while gambling and also worn everyday as a general good-luck pendant.

How The Cat’s Eye Stone Charm Is Made

Cat’s eye stone is a naturally occurring gemstone which is polished for wear and use. It is most abundant in reserves in India, China, Burma, Brazil, Rhodesia, the US and the Soviet Union. Once extracted, the stone is moulded into the desired shape and size, such as for a pendant.

How To Make The Cat’s Eye Stone Charm At Home

It’s relatively easy to buy cat’s eye stone online but if you want to make a pendant with the gem, you’ll need to ensure that it is already drilled with a hole. There is no need to say holy words or follow a sacred ritual when creating a cat’s eye stone charm.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Cat’s Eye Stone Charm

  • According to superstition, if the cat’s eye stone has black spots in it, the wearer will become ill
  • The gemstone has the power to suck away good fortune if it doesn’t have the usual gleam

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