Thailand Laughing Buddha Good Luck Charm

The Laughing Buddha is one of the most recognizable good luck charms around the world but he is particularly popular in Thailand where statues of the Laughing Buddha are everywhere.

History of The Laughing Buddha Good Luck Charm

The Laughing Buddha is actually a name that refers to a Chinese Zen Monk called Hotei who lived over a thousand years ago. He is easily recognizable by his very large tummy and huge statues of him can be found in peoples’ homes, restaurants, businesses, temples and many other places all over the world. It is thought that the legend of the Chinese Monk, Hotei, dates back to the 10th century when stories emerged of a monk who could work small wonders such as predicting the weather.

Why the Laughing Buddha Charm Brings Luck

The Laughing Buddha is considered good luck as he is believed to bring wealth and good fortune to a home or business where he is displayed. His smile and big tummy are symbols for happiness and plenty and this is what he is said to bring to people who own him.

How to Use the Laughing Buddha Charm

The Laughing Buddha is a statue that is placed in either a home or a business where good luck and wealth or fortune are desired. The statue should be fairly large as it is thought that if you rub the tummy of the Laughing Buddha then he will bring you the luck that you wish for.

How the Laughing Buddha Charm Is Made

The Laughing Buddha is an ornament that can be made out of many different materials. He can be fairly plain looking statue or he can be made from fine materials such as gold. The Laughing Buddha can be depicted in different poses but you will always find that he has a big grin on his face and a very large tummy. This is to represent happiness and abundance.

How to Make the Laughing Buddha Charm at Home

It is usual for the Laughing Buddha to be made at home as these are charms that are usually bought. They can be bought in a variety of different shops all over the world so you definitely don’t need to take a trip to Thailand to get your hands on one of them.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Laughing Buddha Charm

  • The Laughing Buddha is also referred to as the ‘Buddha of Wealth’.
  • Some people believe if that if you let your Laughing Buddha get covered in dust then he won’t be very pleased and you won’t get any good luck.
  • Laughing Buddha is not the ‘true’ Buddha but he is often mistaken for him because he is so popular.

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