Albania Dordolec/Kukull Good Luck Charm

The dordolec, or also known in modern times as a kukull, goes back possibly centuries and has been used by Albanians to ward off all sorts of trouble from their homes and properties, by evading the “evil eye”.

History Of The Dordolec/Kukull Luck Charm

The history of the dordolec/kukull is scarce. Some Albanians just simply call it tradition, some say it’s something just poor people dreamed up. Others believe they were brought from Greece since Albanians were forced to go there for work after the destruction of their country’s industry. However, it all comes down to the history of the “evil eye”. A belief that an evil spirit is staring at you and can make things go wrong for you and your home or property. The belief in an “evil eye” goes back to the days of classical antiquity. The original term dordolec was a doll most often, but once shops began selling stuffed animals, they took on the name kukull.

Why The Dordolec/Kukull Charm Brings Luck

Based on Albanian custom, it is believed that a dordolec, which in modern times is any stuffed animal, such as a teddy bear, frog, rabbit, doll, wards off the evil eye’s ability to see your home or property. Therefore, anyone passing by your home gets mesmerized by the dordolec/kukull and doesn’t even think of doing evil, stealing or damaging your property, and people in the nation will stand by the fact that it works, and changed their luck.

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How To Use The Dordolec/Kukull Charm

The only way a dordolec or a kukull is used in Albania is by hanging it outside from the highest point of your home. So, you will see many weather-beaten stuffed animals hanging on the front of people’s houses in Albania.

How The Dordolec/Kukull Charm Is Made

If you purchase a kukull you are just basically getting an industry made stuffed animal of your choice, although some are made with an evil eye built into them. Others are simply stuffed toys, but the luck comes in when you hang it from the house.

How To Make The Dordolec Charm At Home

Creating your own dordelec involves making your own stuffed animal, and we will choose the teddy bear, but you can make any animal figure that you can imagine. You will need about a ½ yard of material, some matching thread, a needle, and buttons along with embroidery floss or a fabric pen and poly fiberfill.
1. Find a teddy bear pattern online and print it and cut out the patterns. Put your template on cardboard or cereal box, outline the template and then cut out. Place your cut-outs on your material, outline that and then cut out your pieces of material shaped like a bear.
2. Put the pieces together so they match with the wrong side looking out. Sew the pieces together with a small hole left to stuff the bear.
3. Turn your design outward and use the handle of a long spoon to help get the legs and arms pushed out.
4. Now, use the poly fiberfill or some soft stuffing and put it in your bear cut-out, then sew the hole up.
5. You can use buttons or floss to make the eyes, then stitch a nose and mouth and put either a bow for a girl on the head, or a bow tie for a boy bear around the neck.

Interesting and Fun Facts About The Dordolec Charm

● It is believed that the dordolec may have been used by Albanians and other countries to ward off evil during World Wars I and II.
● Traditionally these charms are never taken down or changed out once placed on the exterior of the home.
● Some of the dolls and stuffed animals are created with a jewel, or stone or painted with the evil eye sewn or glued into the chest of the item you’ve made or bought.

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