Argentina Red Ribbon Good Luck Charm

The red ribbon charm is known in Argentina as a symbol of good luck. When worn around the wrist (or in some cases around the ankle) it is said to give the wearer good fortune. Red is a lucky color around the world, especially in South America and China.

History Of The Red Ribbon Good Luck Charm

In Argentinian culture, there are many superstitions which the people adhere to. One of those is the use of a red ribbon tied around the wrist. Said to protect the wearer from harm caused by envy, the red ribbon is often seen tied around the wrist of babies and can also sometimes be seen on the bumper of cars to protect them from crashes. Most recently, the red ribbon charm has been seen worn by footballer Lionel Messi, and many people have credited his recent successes to wearing this charm which was given to him by a reporter’s mother.

Why The Red Ribbon Charm Brings Luck

Tying a red string or ribbon around the wrist (or any other body part in some cases) is said to ward off envy which could harm the wearer.

How To Use The Red Ribbon Charm

The red ribbon charm is simply tied around the wrist and left in place to ensure good luck for the wearer. You can even tie it to your possessions such as car or bicycle.

How The Red Ribbon Charm Is Made

The red ribbon charm can be made from either a piece of regular red ribbon or even a piece of red colored string.

How To Make The Red Ribbon Charm At Home

The red ribbon charm can be made at home very quickly and easily. Simply cut a length of red ribbon or red string long enough to wrap around your wrist then tie it in place.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Red Ribbon Charm

● The red ribbon charm traditionally wards off envy from the wearer.
● In Argentina, red ribbons are often given to new babies by their relatives.
● The most famous person to be seen wearing the red ribbon charm is the footballer Lionel Messi, who has worn his on both his wrist and his ankle.

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