Botswana Agate Good Luck Charm

Botswana agate is a form of quartz which has pink and grey bands. These colourful and fine patterns and bandings on the surface of the stone make it very unique, so it’s sought after by many collectors. It’s also seen as a good luck charm. It’s also sometimes called a Sunset Stone. This is because it can retain sunlight, bringing comfort to the owner in lonely, dark nights.

History Of The Botswana Agate Good Luck Charm

The Ekeko deity dates back to a time before the Spanish conquest of the Americas. Originating from the Tiwanaku settlers who lived on the high plateaus of the Andes, the image of Ekeko has changed over the years. Originally, it was depicted as a naked indigenous man. After years of the catholic church trying to stamp the cult out, Ekeko is now seen as a mixed race, clothed male figure. He is most associated with the Feria de Alasita where he plays the role of host, welcoming people to the festival and is decorated with miniature versions of the attendees’ dreams in the hope of them coming true.

Why The Botswana Agate Charm Brings Luck

Botswana agate is associated with many different facets of good fortune. Known as a stone of change, it helps to prevent you from getting stuck in a rut so you can move onto new and better things. It also removes anger and bitterness, and helps you to welcome love and peace into your life. This stone is also said to help you find the right partner to love, and to overcome your fears. It can even attract wealth and prosperity, while its healing benefits can assist in mental health issues, improve the immune system and improve skin and eye health.

How To Use The Botswana Agate Charm

If you’re placing a bet or choosing lottery numbers, you should hold the Botswana agate charm while you’re doing it to improve your luck. You can also wear it around your neck in the form of a pendant to increase your luck in every element of your life. If you pair it with other crystals you can intensify its benefits. For example, if you pair it with goldstone, you can improve your success in business.

How The Botswana Agate Charm Is Made

The Botswana Agate charm is made from the agate crystal which is mined in Botswana and then milled to form an attractive, smooth stone.

How To Make The Botswana Agate Charm At Home

You can enjoy the benefits of the Botswana agate good luck charm at home by simply carrying a piece of this crystal wherever you go. Alternatively, you can purchase a cage-type pendant in which to store your piece of crystal so you can wear it around your neck at all times.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Botswana Agate Charm

● Many people swear that Botswana agate can help them to quit their addictions. In Botswana, some people drink an agate elixir every morning to help them give up their addiction for good.
● You can pair Botswana Agate with purple crystals to balance your yin and yang energies.
● Although most Botswana agate has grey and pink bands, some have brown and apricot shading. These are especially popular.

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