Cabo Verde Conta d’oi beads Good Luck Charm

The Conta d’oi bead is a traditional good luck charm that originates from Cabo Verde and is unique to the Western region of Africa. This beautiful black bead with white dots adds a touch of elegance and good luck to any piece of jewelry.

History of The Conta d’oi beads Good Luck Charm

The conta d’oi bead has been used within the Cape Verde Islands for centuries as the people believe that wearing or using the beads will bring positive energy and good luck, as well as protection from evil.

Why the Conta d’oi beads Charm Brings Luck

It is believed that any person who wears the conta d’oi bead will be protected from any evil as the charm will watch over the wearer. This comes from the fact that the beads resemble eyes.

How to Use the Conta d’oi beads Charm

The Conta d’oi beads are usually used to make ornate pieces of jewelry that are worn to bring good luck and protection to the wearer. They have been used to make various items such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

How the Conta d’oi beads Charm Is Made

If you are fortunate enough to have your very own conta d’oi beads then you can use these to fashion any piece of jewelry that you like.

How to Make the Conta d’oi beads Charm at Home

It is unlikely that many people will have their own conta d’oi beads and so these charms are not usually something that can be made at home. However, for those who do enjoy jewelry making it is easy to create an item that resembles the beautiful conta d’oi bead. It is possible to use any type of metal for the necklace or bracelet and any black bead that resembles an eye. Other beads and jewels are often added to the item to make it even more stylish.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Conta d’oi beads Charm

● The Conta d’oi beads must be worn or used in odd numbers if the wearer wishes to enjoy good luck.
● Conta d’oi is often said to translate as ‘beads of eyes’.
● It is believed that if a white dot falls off the conta d’oi then that is a sign that an evil spirit tried to attack the wearer and the good luck charm was successful in protecting them.

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