Cambodia Khmer Amulet Good Luck Charm

The Khmer amulet is a traditional amulet used widely in Cambodia for good luck. The amulets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are part of a magic spell that creates luck for the owner.

History of The Khmer Amulet Good Luck Charm

These amulets have been a part of Cambodian life since they were introduced by Buddhist monks. The monks taught people that the charms hold a link to the spirit world and would let the good spirits into their lives whilst keeping the evil spirits away from them.

Why the Khmer Amulet Charm Brings Luck

Because each Khmer amulet needs to be sanctified by a monk, people believe it transforms into a sacred and magical object. By wearing it, the person can then tap into the magic to help gain good luck.

How to Use the Khmer Amulet Charm

The Khmer amulet is worn around the neck or wrist, it can be carried in a bag or pocket or even placed on a keychain. The important part is that it needs to be with the person it is creating good luck for.

How the Khmer Amulet Charm Is Made

Khmer amulets are made firstly engraving precious stones, small statues, precious metals, and other jewelry. Once they are engraved, they must be taken to a monk at the nearest temples to be sanctified. Once sanctified, it is ready to be used by the owner.

How to Make the Khmer Amulet Charm at Home

To make your own Khmer amulet you will need to find a precious stone, piece of metal or jewelry. Using tools, you need to engrave a pattern of your choosing and then find your nearest Buddhist temple. On arrival, politely approach a Buddhist monk to request they sanctify your amulet. Once sanctified you must always keep it safely with you to enjoy good luck.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Khmer Amulet Charm

● The Khmer amulet is said to help with many good luck needs – from keeping traveling businessmen safe to warding off evil spirits from the family home
● These amulets are everywhere in Cambodia in a wide variety of shapes and colors

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