Chile Chanhito Good Luck Charm

Chanchitos are small sculptures of pigs that only have three legs. These charms, which are traditionally made from clay in Chile, are then given as a gift to people who you would like to bring luck and good fortune to. Placed in the home, in your pocket or in your car, you can take the luck with you wherever you go.

History Of The Chanchito Good Luck Charm

Over the years, the lore of why the chanchito is lucky has become lost. Yet, despite this, this little clay pig is still a popular gift across both Chile and many other countries across the world that have fallen in love with these little three-legged pigs. This is especially true in a little village named Pomaire, where these pigs have been crafted with local clay and given as good luck charms for multiple generations. Handmade from clay, every single chanchito made is unique, with slightly differing sizes and features. Which is why these lucky charms make such cute and quirky gifts for your friends and family.

Why The Chanchito Charm Brings Luck

Although the history is rather vague on why these little pigs are a symbol of luck, it is thought that because the pigs are able to stand on three legs, they must be lucky.

How To Use The Chanchito Charm

This cute little three-legged pig can be used in a number of ways, with many people carrying their pig on their person and others displaying theirs as an ornament. In Pomaire, where chanchitos are regularly made, you will find local homes, shops and restaurants displaying their pigs in the window. To get the most luck from your chanchito charm, it should be given as a gift from a loved one.

How The Chanchito Charm Is Made

Traditionally, chanchitos are made from clay that is farmed from the mountainside close to a small village called Pomaire in Chile. The three-legged pig would be molded by hand and then low-fired in a type of fire oven. This process colors the clay in terracotta type colours.

How To Make The Chanchito Charm At Home

While most chanchitos are made from clay, there are a number of ways you could make these little pigs at home. As well as something like polymer clay – that is available in lots of bright and interesting colors – you could also choose to knit, crochet or even needle felt your chanchito from yarn. Or, if you have the skills, you could choose to weld your chanchito from metal or create it in glass. The important thing here is that, no matter what material you use, your little pig needs to have three legs for it to be considered lucky.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Chanchito Charm

● Pigs are considered lucky in a number of countries, including Germany and Austria.
● Chanchito is simply ‘little pig’ in Spanish.
● Pigs have been used for meat for millennia, so having them around is considered lucky as it signifies prosperity and food for the months ahead.

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