China Elephant Good Luck Charm

Particularly popular in Feng Shui, the elephant is seen in Chinese culture as a kind animal full of wisdom and luck. So, to bring this luck to your life, simply add an elephant to your home or wear an elephant charm as a piece of jewelry.

History Of The Elephant Good Luck Charm

The elephant is a popular symbol in Chinese culture as well as Fen Shui, where many believe the elephant to represent those such as Buddha and Lord Ganesha. Because of this association, the elephant is said to bring a household both good luck and unity. In fact, Buddha is often shown to be riding an elephant in art and the term “elephant rider” is associated with the word fortunate. So, to have someone riding an elephant will show that fortune will soon arrive.

Why The Elephant Charm Brings Luck

An elephant is seen as a powerful creature that brings wisdom, luck, power, fertility and majesty. Therefore, using an elephant charm should bring these qualities to your life.

How To Use The Elephant Charm

When choosing an elephant charm for yourself, it’s important that you take note of that elephant’s trunk. For instance, for the best fortune, an elephant should be depicted with its trunk in the air, as this is a symbol of good luck being showered on both you and your home. If, however, you are looking to increase you luck in regards to fertility, you should choose an elephant with its trunk down. This is said to show your elephant ready to charge through obstacles – such as problems with conceiving a child.

How The Elephant Charm Is Made

Unlike other lucky charms, which need to be made in a particular way. When it comes to adding an elephant’s luck to your home, you can choose from a vast array of different motifs, including: sculptures, art,  photographs, embroidery and anything in-between. This means that your charm will be made in very different ways, depending on your elephant.

How To Make The Elephant Charm At Home

Because an elephant charm doesn’t need to be made in a specialized way, you have lots of options for making one at home. Here you could paint, knit or sculpt your elephant – whatever way you like! Just remember to position the trunk the correct way for you the luck you would like.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Hei-Tiki Charm

● In Hinduism, the god of luck and protection – Ganesha – takes the form of an elephant.
● A tattoo of an elephant is said to represent strength in that person.
● When placed towards a door, an elephant is said to protect that home, keeping bad energy out.

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