China Laughing Buddha Good Luck Charm

Perhaps the best-known symbols of luck ever, numerous people across the globe have chosen to add a laughing Buddha to their lives. That’s because, not only are these Buddhas happy looking with a large belly to rub for luck, they are also said to bring wealth and prosperity to any home they’re placed in.

History Of The Laughing Buddha Good Luck Charm

Although his true name is Budai, due to his jolly nature and large belly, the Buddhist monk became known as the laughing Buddha in many cultures. The monk himself lived in China well over a thousand years ago, where his fun and bubbly persona was very different to other monks from his era. Indeed, Budai was always laughing and encouraging those around him to life to their fullest – which is where his laughing Buddha nickname came from.

Why The Laughing Buddha Charm Brings Luck

With his happy-go-lucky personality in life, it is said that having a laughing Buddha in your home (and rubbing his belly every day) will bring you luck and happiness in your life.

How To Use The Laughing Buddha Charm

A laughing Buddha can be used in many ways to bring luck, with everything from jewelry charms, keyrings and statues available to those looking for a fortunate future. In particular, if you want good luck in your life, you should choose a laughing Buddha that is depicted holding a bowl. As it is a bowl that represents the good fortune coming into your life. When using him in your home – which is popular in Feng Shui practices – there are certain rules you should adhere to. Firstly, a laughing Buddha should never be placed on the floor as this doesn’t show enough respect. Nor should you put your laughing Buddha in a bathroom or your bedroom. Instead, try to put your laughing Buddha near your front door, where you can see it whenever you enter your home.

How The Laughing Buddha charm Is Made

As such a popular figure, you will find laughing Buddhas being sold in numerous materials. This ranges from everything from cement and clay to metals and wood. Because of this, you can will see a large range of sizes and prices associated with a laughing Buddha.

How To Make The Laughing Buddha Charm At Home

For most people, it’s not possible to make a laughing Buddha at home. If, for instance, you are skilled in your crafts, you could carve one from wood.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Laughing Buddha Charm

● In Japan, the laughing Buddha is known as Hotei and is one of the seven lucky gods.
● Some women believe rubbing the belly of a Buddha will help them become pregnant.
● Many people own a laughing Buddha as a decorative ornament without knowing its origin or meaning.

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