Egypt Ankh Good Luck Charm

Ancient Egypt has a plethora of well-known symbols but arguably the most famous of them all is the Ankh. Representing the key of life, the Ankh was found in many ancient hieroglyphs. Although the Ankh could bestow many qualities depending on how it’s used, fundamentally it brings good fortune and prosperity.

History Of the Ankh Good Luck Charm

Egyptologists are not certain how the Ankh came about, but believe it’s possibly a combination of the male and female form. Used by the gods as some kind of offering to represent life after death, the Ankh was also seen as Isis’ belt buckle.

Why the Ankh Charm Brings Luck

Combining with the Osiris symbol, the god of the underworld, the full Ankh symbol bestows good luck on the owner in the form of longevity, good fortune and strength.

How To Use the Ankh Charm

The Ankh has been used in many ways over the years and even though there’s not such as slavish belief in ancient Egyptian symbols, it’s still used as a good luck charm. This means the Ankh can be worn as an amulet or used in some other type of adornment or jewelry. Many people also get tattoos of this specific charm.

How the Ankh Charm Is Made

Traditionally, the Ankh was made from a wide variety of materials such as wood, stone, gold and bronze, but there were many other materials that could have been used. Today, Ankh are made from a diverse range of both precious materials and non-precious metals.

How To Make the Ankh Charm At Home

If you have an Ankh charm, you can thread it onto cord or chain to make a DIY amulet from clay or wood, or attractive piece of jewelry that brings good luck.

Interesting And Fun Facts About the Ankh Charm

• Ancient Egyptians believed that if a mirror were in the shape of the Ankh, the user would be able to see into the next life
• Some theories suggest the top of the Ankh may possibly have been created to represent the sunrise
• Alongside good fortune, the Ankh has many other interpretations including fertility, health and healing.

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