China Dzi Bead Good Luck Charm

Often considered the most desired beads in the world, the Dzi beads of China come with a host of benefits, with many of the beads giving luck and fortune to those people who are blessed enough to wear them.

History Of The Dzi Bead Good Luck Charm

The history of Dzi beads is one of great myth and mystery, with few people agreeing on the origin of these lucky charms. Generally, though, a Dzi bead is considered to be an agate shape found in the vicinity of Tibet and the Himalayas, these oblong shapes can then be shaped or decorated and worn for good fortune. Choosing the right bead for the particular fortune you want is important. As, while a 2-eyed bead can bring luck in a marriage, a 9-eyed bead can bring you luck in your chosen career.

Why The Dzi Bead Charm Brings Luck

As these beads originate in Tibet, which has a history steeped in mystical powers, these beads are said to store energy, bringing that energy to those that wear them and improving their aura.

How To Use The Dzi Charm

Most Dzi beads are used in jewelry so that they can be worn at all times for luck. Many believe that a Dzi bead can store the energy of those that wear them, so when you get a bead it’s important to cleanse it. Otherwise, your good luck might be overshadowed by another’s bad energy.

How The Dzi Beads Charm Is Made

The question of how to make Dzi beads is something that is steeped in controversy. For Tibetans, Dzi beads should never be considered to be man-made object, as they believe the beads to have a supernatural origin. Indeed, these beads have many origin stories, which includes the idea that the beads were once insects, turned to stone from the human touch and the legend that the beads are droppings from the Garuda bird. Either way, there is no knowledge on how to make these ancient beads in modern times, however, you can find cheap copies in many Chinese shops.

How To Make The Dzi Bead Charm At Home

Although you cannot make a true Dzi bead yourself, you can make yourself a copy at home. Here, use something like an air-drying or oven-drying clay to shape your beads, adding as many eyes as you like. For the best luck, three eyes are said to represent the three starts of luck in Chinese culture – honor, happiness and longevity.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Dzi Bead Charm

● Dzi is pronounced “zee” and means heaven’s pearl in Chinese.
● Dzi beads have been around since 2500 BC.
● In holistic treatments, these beads have been ground and added to certain medicines.

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