Finland Tursaansydan Good Luck Charm

Sometimes known as the tursan sydan, the Tursaansydan symbol means “heart of Tursas”, with Tursas being a god from the Finnish pagan religion. This ancient Finnish symbol dates back to the prehistoric age and has a swastika as part of its design. Believed to protect from curses and bring luck, this symbol was traditionally used as a motif decorating buildings and furniture in its native Finland.

History Of The Tursaansydan Good Luck Charm

Tursaansydän translates in English as “heart of Tursas”. In Finnish culture and mythology, Tursas was a sea monster who features in folk stories and poetry including the Kalevala. The symbol features four interlocking square with a swastika as its central point. The precise meaning of the symbol remains unknown today, although it is thought to possibly represent a rotating and flying hammer belonging to Ukko the thunder god. It first originated in Finnish pagan times but there has been a recent resurgence of popularity in neopaganism, and the symbol has made a comeback with many people choosing to have it tattooed onto their body as a symbol of luck and protection.

Why The Tursaansydan Charm Brings Luck

This charm is believed to bring protection from evil spirits and harmful thoughts.

How To Use The Tursaansydan Charm

The Tursaansydan symbol is traditionally carved on to furniture or walls. It can also be tattooed onto the body.

How The Tursaansydan Charm Is Made

The Tursaansydan charm can simply be drawn or carved. It is made up of four interlocking squares which overlap each other, forming the shape of a swastika in its centre. Another more modern variation is made up of four arrows.

How To Make The Tursaansydan Charm At Home

You can easily make this charm at home yourself by drawing it onto a wall or carving it into a wooden surface.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Tursaansydan Charm

  • Although Tursas was a mythical sea creature which resembled an octopus, an octopus heart looks nothing like four interlocking squares!
  • Another name for this charm is mursunsydän. This means “heart of the walrus”.
  • One possible idea for the meaning of this symbol is that it represents a bolt of lightning.

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