France Upside Down Horseshoe Good Luck Charm

In France, the horseshoe hung over the door of a home is a sign of protection for the occupants. It must, however, be hung in the correct way with the open ends pointing downwards rather than the rounded end. This is sometimes known as a porte bonheur or un grigri in French.

History Of The Upside Down Horseshoe Good Luck Charm

The origin of this good luck charm dates back to ancient times when fairy folk were believed to exist across Northern Europe. Of these mythical creatures, the goblins were believed to cause problems for the people, casting spells which stopped cows from producing milk, chickens from laying eggs and couples from having children. These goblins were believed to be afraid of iron. Therefore, iron horseshoes were hung over front doors to ward evil spirits and goblins away. Horseshoes were supposed to be extra frightening to the fairy folk because they had a similar appearance to the moon god’s crescent shape.

Why The Upside Down Horseshoe Charm Brings Luck

When the horseshoe is hung upside down, it not only frightens away evil goblins and spirits but it also pours out its luck through its open end onto anyone who enters through the door.

How To Use The Upside Down Horseshoe Charm

This charm should be hung over the front door of your home with the open ends pointing downwards.

How The Upside Down Horseshoe Charm Is Made

This charm is traditionally made from a discarded iron horseshoe.

How To Make The Upside Down Horseshoe Charm At Home

The upside down horseshoe charm must be made out of iron as it is this material which frightens off the fairy folk. You could find an old horseshoe and nail it to the wall of your home over the front door.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Upside Down Horseshoe Charm

  • Some people think the horseshoe should be hung the opposite way up to keep the luck inside.
  • Many people today carry horseshoes with them at their wedding for luck.
  • A horseshoe held up by seven nails is especially lucky since 7 is a lucky number.

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