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Iceland Runes Good Luck Charm

Runes are commonly found in many cultures, including Icelandic. As well as being believed to hold magical qualities, runes were the original means of communication, predating the Latin alphabet. There are many different systems of runes in Scandinavian culture but the one most closely associated with Iceland is Futhark.

History Of The Runes Good Luck Charm

Runes are much more complex than the modern Latin-based alphabet as a single symbol can be read in a multitude of ways. Writing could be read in multiple directions and it was never a case of simply scanning through text in the same way as you might with modern writing. Runes were a slow and detailed method of communicating an idea and were made up of straight lines carved either into the wall, stones or tiles.

Why The Runes Charm Brings Luck

Runes were primarily used at a time when there was much deeper beliefs in magic and carrying out rituals in the prescribed way using runes could bring good fortune, according to Icelandic culture.

How To Use The Runes Charm

Runes are a remarkably versatile good luck charm and today are still used for the purposes of protection and prosperity. It’s essential to choose the right runes to serve your purpose but they are often worn on T-shirts, tattooed, worn as a pendant or carried around as a talisman.

How The Runes Charm Is Made

Although the rune symbols are relatively straightforward to carve, it’s not just about creating the correct lines. Icelandic folklore suggests that after the marks are made a blood sacrifice must be left, typically rubbed over the runes. Depending on the runes you’re using, a particular type of sacrifice will be required, such as blood from your little finger. This is because if you want the universe to be willing to give you something, you must provide something in return – ie/your blood.

How To Make The Runes Charm At Home

It is easy to make runes at home; once you have the tiles all that’s needed is a pen-knife or etching tool to create a full set of runes tiles. However, the requirements regarding blood sacrifice should be noted.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Runes Charm

  • Runes can also be used to foretell the possible future; this isn’t set irrevocably but offers a glimpse at what could be

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