Ireland Cloc Cosanta Good Luck Charm

Ireland is a country that’s drenched in mythology and fascinating legends and as such, it has a wonderful array of good luck charms. The cloc cosanta is an example of this, a traditional yet simple charm which is unobtrusive yet appealing. Cloc cosanta are a naturally occurring phenomena, a flat stone that bears a round hole. Cloc cosanta translates as “lucky stone”.

History Of The Cloc Cosanta Good Luck Charm

A cloc cosanta has been used for centuries in Ireland to bring good luck and protect against ill, often being carried by warriors on their way to battle. The hole represents a means of travelling from one space to another, offering safe passage and luck. Some people believe that the croc cosanta was the precursor to wearing rings, as they also represent a type of journey (such as into marriage).

Why The Cloc Cosanta Charm Brings Luck

The stone must have a natural hole in it to be considered lucky, offering protection and luck for both travellers and those looking for good fortune.

How To Use The Cloc Cosanta Charm

The cloc cosanta is very often hung up in the home, either by the door or the bed, to receive protection and be bestowed with good fortune and luck. It is possible to simply carry the charm on your person, in a pouch or pocket. When in need of good fortune, rub the stone or turn it over in the hand.

How The Cloc Cosanta Charm Is Made

While a cloc cosanta may be polished or embellished, it must be a naturally occurring stone with a hole to truly bring the good luck associated with it. The hole must not be artificially created.

How To Make The Cloc Cosanta Charm At Home

As the cloc cosanta is a natural item, it can’t be reproduced in the home. You can of course go hunting for your own one; look near water and you may be lucky enough to discover one waiting to be found!

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Cloc Cosanta Charm

  • If you look at your enemy through the hole in the stone, any negativity or ill will they have sent your way will be sucked up and will vanish
  • If you turn the cloc cosanta over in your hand you should feel the calming strength within

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