Italy Cornicello Good Luck Charm

The cornicello charm is recognized across Italy as bringing good luck and fortune. Traditionally it protects against the evil eye and promotes virility and fertility. It is also known as curniciello and comes from the Italian for “little horn” (cornetto). In some places the cornicello is known as the Italian horn instead. The horn is long and undulating and believed to be from the eland but also resembles a chilli pepper.

History Of The Cornicello Good Luck Charm

The cornicello draws on a number of different aspects of classical Roman and Greek mythology. A similar horn, the cornucopia represented fertility after Zeus snapped the horn from a goat and filled it with flowers and fruit. The cornicello is often made of either silver or coral, which pays tribute to the goddess of the moon, Luna, and the goddess of prosperity, Venus respectively. The overall shape nods towards Priapus, a god of fertility and maleness.

Why The Cornicello Charm Brings Luck

The cornicello charm harnesses the prosperity gained from the mythological gods to offer the wearer good fortune. For maximum abundance, choose silver as it’s the metal that’s the most closely affiliated with bringing wealth.

How To Use The Cornicello Charm

The cornicello charm is most often worn as an amulet on a pendant as a good luck charm. However, it is also frequently hung from the rear view mirror in cars, blessing the vehicle and bringing good fortune. When used in this way it also helps to keep away the evil eye.

How The Cornicello Charm Is Made

The cornicello charm can be made from any number of materials. As well as traditional materials such as gold and silver, it is sometimes also made from enamels and coloured red. In these cases, the cornicello looks more akin to a chilli pepper than an eland horn.

How To Make The Cornicello Charm At Home

There are no sacred processes that need to be followed to create the good luck associated with the cornicello charm. It’s possible to purchase the amulets on their own in your preference of material and colour so you can match it with the type of necklace you prefer.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Cornicello Charm

  • The cornicello charm amulet may be related to a hand gesture known as the “horned hand” – this is intended to ward off the evil eye

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