Kazakhstan Tumar Good Luck Charm

The Tumar is a good luck charm that is worn as an ornamental pendant around the neck. These charms are becoming more popular in Kazakhstan and are often given as gifts to wish the bearer good luck.

History of The Tumar Good Luck Charm

The Tumar has been used as a symbol of luck in Kazakhstan since ancient times – these amulets traditionally held prayers from the Koran and were worn to keep the wearer safe. The Tumar is now used as a gift item and people give them to let others know that they are thinking of them and wishing them happiness, luck and good health. When a child is born in Kazakhstan, they are gifted a Tumar to keep close to them and bring them luck – they are found in many places in Kazakhstan and are also used as a memento of time spent in the country.

Why the Tumar Charm Brings Luck

Tumars are believed to bring good luck as they hold either a prayer by a Shaman or can even have soil from the Holy Land or salt inside the charm.

How to Use the Tumar Charm

The Tumar charm is worn around the neck to bring good luck to the wearer.

How the Tumar Charm Is Made

Traditional Tumar charms are made from valuable cloth, leather or silver. They are typically triangular in shape, although there are some square Tumars. The Tumars are usually put on a chain or leather thong to be carried by the user at all times. The Tumars have an intricate decoration on them and they are beautiful to look at.

How to Make the Tumar Charm at Home

If you want to make your own version of a Tumar you should choose a material that is simple to use; ideally cloth or leather.

Firstly, cut out two Tumar shaped pieces and then sew them together – leaving a tiny gap to put your chosen filling in. Traditionally, Tumars hold soil or salt from the Holy Land but you may wish to put a secret message of luck inside yours to give to a friend or loved one. Sew up the remaining hole and then attach the Tumar to your chosen chain – you can do this by applying material glue or by making chain holes to fit the chain through.

Interesting Facts About the Tumar Charm

  • A beautiful Tumar charm was once presented to President Barack Obama by President Nursultan Nazarbaev. It was a much more decorative version of a typical Tumar and President Nazarbaev suggested that it gave Obama the luck he needed to win his second term in office!
  • Tumars are typically given to new-born babies and can contain prayers from the Koran to keep them safe and sound.

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