Kazakhstan Owl Good Luck Charm

The owl has long been a good luck charm in Kazakhstan, with people seeing them as sacred animals. The notion of eating owl meat, killing owls or using any part of them with the exception of owl feathers is regarded as a bad omen and against the national belief.

History of the Owl Good Luck Charm

There is a commonly held belief that owls became a symbol of good luck when one saved the life of Genghis Khan. Since then the bird has been classed as sacred and to hurt or kill one is deemed to be a sin in Kazakhstan.

Why the Owl Charm Brings Luck

Owls are used to represent luck and safety – in Kazakhstan, people carry owl charms with them and gift them to loved ones. People also carry owl feathers as a lucky talisman; they are said to protect people from accidents that may harm them.

How to Use the Owl Charm

If you want an owl charm to help keep you safe, you can use any type of owl-themed charm you can find and then channel the energy into the charm from the tales of owls in Genghis Khan’s time. An owl charm is said to bring you wisdom, offer you guidance and keep you safe.

How the Owl Charm is Made

Owl charms are traditionally made from wood or owl feathers. Woodturners often make the owl charms from pieces of wood that are leftover from larger projects as owl charms are typically small and kept in their owners’ pockets. Owl feathers are typically used to make an individual talisman and can be fashioned on necklaces or a bracelet for the owner.

How to Make the Owl Charm at Home

If you were interested in making an owl charm at home, you’d need to firstly source some small flat pieces of wood or some owl feathers. Taking the wood, you could carve an owl shape and then using pens you could draw an owl face on the wood. To finish this charm, you would need to varnish the wood and put a hole through it if you wanted to keep it on a keyring. With a feather, you would need to purchase a chain or length of leather to tie the feather to, then decide whether you want it to be a necklace or a bracelet. Finally, size it to the recipient’s size and you have a completed talisman to keep you safe.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Owl Charm

  • Footballer Luis Moreno kicked an injured owl that was found on a football pitch in Kazakhstan. He later faced sanctions as it was the team mascot – he denied knowing that it was a national good luck charm.

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