Kenyan Lucky Horn Good Luck Charm

In Kenya, the duiker, kudu and oryx horns are all deemed to be good luck charms for the Kenyan market but did you know they are highly sought after since the charms come from animals that are hunted for their horns. Illegal poaching has caused irreparable damage in Africa and the animals that these horns come from are declining rapidly. This, in turn, is making them more and more valuable.

History of the Duiker, Kudu and Oryx Horn Good Luck Charm

The Duiker, Kudu, and Oryx are all Kenyan based animals. The Duiker is a small antelope that grows no taller than two feet tall and has small straight horns. The Kudu is also a larger antelope but has massive, spiraled horns that are highly sought prizes. The Oryx is a large antelope and has long horns that reach to a point and have been sought internationally for a long time.

Why the Duiker, Kudu and Oryx Horn Charm Brings Luck

People believe that the horns of these animals ward off evil but this isn’t the only thing they are used for! They have been known to:

  • Make beautiful headwear that shows off the wealth of the wearer
  • Cure illnesses and disease by allowing the ill to touch them
  • Purify water to make sure people could drink safely
  • Protect against poisoning
  • House powerful spirits that could be used to the benefit of the wearer

How to Use the Duiker, Kudu and Oryx Horn Charm

The owners of these charms carry them on their person at all times to ensure their safety. It could simply be kept in a pocket or a bag but also made into a necklace or worn as a headpiece.

How the Duiker, Kudu and Oryx Horn Charm Is Made

The horns are removed from the animal and sold to the highest bidder. The animal is always hunted as it must be dead to remove the horns.

How to Make the Duiker, Kudu and Oryx Horn Charm at Home

Whilst it would be impossible to make one of the horns without first hunting an animal you could spend some time making a model of one of them. The Duiker horns may be the smallest and most simple to make but the Kudu horns would offer a greater challenge!
Try crafting them from clay or papier mache and when dry, apply brown paint to make them look authentic.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Duiker, Kudu and Oryx Horn Charm

  • In medieval times the horns of the Oryx were passed off as real unicorn horns! People believed they had come from a unicorn and that they held magical powers to ward off evil spirits.

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