History of the Seven Day Ring Good Luck Charm

The Seven Day Ring has four main stories behind it, but also quite a few variations of those stories as well. There is a very good chance that the stories adapted over long periods of time and that Baltic people applied the ring’s luck in different ways as a result.

Story number one is a simple one. The Seven Day Ring is seen simply as an engagement ring with deep ties to Latvian heritage. As mentioned, the symbols date back hundreds of years, if not more. The second story is also related to love and marriage. According to legend, the Seven Day Ring is given to a young girl before she is old enough to marry. The girl was meant to assign each of the ring’s symbols to a different potential future mate. Over time, the charms fell off and the last one that fell off showed which many she would get married to. The third story is similar to the second, except the symbols weren’t assigned to suitors. In this version of the story, the girl still waited for all the charms to fall off but when the last one fell it simply meant that she would be married during that same year. The fourth story is the most common. Each of the seven symbols stands for a day of the week with everyone being responsible for enriching a person’s life. For example, the symbol for Sunday represents doing good things while the symbol assigned to Monday encourages hard work, and so on.

Why the Seven Day Ring Brings Luck

The Seven Day Ring, from Latvia, is a fascinating good luck charm that has been around since as early as the 6th Century. There are many stories surrounding this famous piece of jewelry and each is as fun as the last. No matter which version of luck you happen to prefer, however, the good luck charm always comes in the same form factor. The Seven Day Ring brings luck to those who are looking for a balanced lifestyle or interpersonal connections that are deeper and richer. The type of luck that you can get from this famous good luck charm is up to you.

How to Use the Seven Day Ring Good Luck Charm

To use the Seven Day Ring, all that is required is that you put it on your finger. The ring is beautiful, and you will love the look of it. Especially when that luck begins to roll in. Some people also tend to wear the ring on a necklace and let it hand near their heart.

How the Seven Day Ring Good Luck Charm Is Made

Jewelers make Seven Day Rings from a variety of materials. While most are made from silver, there are also some made from precious metals. Attached to the ring are seven loops which allow for the seven day charms to be hung from. The charms themselves are stamped, etched, or hand-carved, depending on the level of expertise of the jeweler.

How To Make the Seven Day Ring Good Luck Charm At Home

Making a Seven Day Ring would not be the easiest thing to do. Making rings requires specialized equipment that is often very expensive. If you must make one, however, look for materials that are both durable and easy to work with.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Laima Sign

  • The ring is usually made from silver and there are seven charms hanging from it, each depicting a unique symbol.
  • Although the exact history of the Seven Day Ring is unknown, most agree that the symbols come from ancient Baltic culture.