In Lithuania, the horseshoe is seen as a symbol of good luck, especially when it is hung over the door of a home. It is believed to protect the occupants inside and bad luck.

History Of The Horseshoe Over The Door Good Luck Charm

The horseshoe as a good luck symbol is commonly seen all across Europe and in Lithuania, it is also seen as a sign of good fortune. It is believed that the origin of this belief dates back to an ancient time when fairies, goblins and other mythical creatures were thought to roam the land. It was thought that they could cause a host of issues for people, including preventing cows from making milk or chickens from laying eggs. It was also thought that they made couples infertile. However, these fairy folk were said to be scared of iron, so people would hang a horseshoe made of iron over their door to ensure that no evil spirits could enter.

Why The Horseshoe Over The Door Charm Brings Luck

When the horseshoe is hung over the door, it prevents harm from falling upon the people inside so no evil spirits can enter the property.

How To Use The Horseshoe Over The Door Charm

This charm should be hung over the front door of your home with the open ends pointing upwards. This prevents the luck from falling out and being lost.

How The Horseshoe Over The Door Charm Is Made

This charm is traditionally made from a discarded iron horseshoe.

How To Make The Horseshoe Over The Door Charm At Home

The horseshoe must be made from iron as iron is believed to frighten off evil spirits. You should therefore look for an old horseshoe and nail it over the front door of your home.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Horseshoe Over The Door Charm

  • Some people think the horseshoe should be hung the opposite way up to pour luck on those who enter.
  • Many people carry horseshoes at their wedding for luck.
  • Horseshoe held by 7 nails is more lucky since seven is a lucky number.