Malaysia Money Tag Good Luck Charm

Malaysia is not only home to Mount Kinabalu it also enjoys one of the largest cave systems in the world! The country is heavily influenced by other Asian countries and many of the Malaysian traditions are taken from other cultures.

History of The Money Tag Good Luck Charm

The Money Tag was originated in China where people would attach tags to trees in the hope of becoming more affluent. This is typically practiced by the Chinese people who have relocated to Malaysia.

Why the Money Tag Charm Brings Luck

The Money Tag is said to bring luck by bestowing fortune on people who need it. The tags are typically written in red, a color also associated with good luck and fortune.

How to Use the Money Tag Charm

To get the best from the Money Tags, people would place them in areas that attract the most visibility. The superstition is based upon the receiving of money and in Malaysia, it is bad luck to gift anyone money in an even number; when giving a gift you must present it with your right hand.

How the Money Tag Charm Is Made

Money Tags are made by writing Chinese symbols onto white paper in red ink. The red ink itself is incredibly significant as it is a color that brings good luck with it and is associated with gaining wealth.

How to Make the Money Tag Charm at Home

Money Tags are easy to make if you are able to write in Chinese symbols. If you are not fluent in Chinese you can download and copy the symbols onto your paper but do not forget that they must be in red in to produce luck and fortune for you!

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Money Tag Charm

  • Asian countries tend to see wealth and fortune as something to aspire to.
  • As well as Money generating Tags, people receive money during special celebrations and specific times of the year.
  • One of the most famous celebrations is the Chinese New Year where money is gifted in red envelopes; the envelopes are said to ward off evil spirits.

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