Mexico Red Ribbon Around Aloe Vera Good Luck Charm

History of The Red Ribbon Around Aloe Vera Good Luck Charm

Mexico is well known for being the home to the Day of The Dead where they celebrate loved ones that have passed on to the next life but the country holds many more surprises, including a range of charms and superstitions. When traveling to Mexico you will probably notice Aloe Vera plants outside buildings with small red ribbons tied around the leaves. They look pretty on the steps to homes and businesses but they hold a darker purpose – to keep evil at bay.

Why the Red Ribbon Around Aloe Vera Charm Brings Luck

Mexicans believe that tying a red ribbon around an Aloe Vera will ward off evil spirits and keep them safe – it is a common practice that is used all over Mexico even today. By warding off evil spirits, the owners can sleep more peacefully and expect their businesses to boom.

How to Use the Red Ribbon Around Aloe Vera Charm

You can select any Aloe Vera to use and place it in a pot. These succulents thrive in warm and very dry conditions so you can expect it to grow well and pride you with many leaves to tie the ribbons around!

How the Red Ribbon Around Aloe Vera Charm Is Made

Mexicans tie red ribbons around the plant each time they feel there is a threat to their safety or wellbeing and pray to the spirits to keep them safe. The plant acts as a barrier to their homes and businesses, allowing them to continue with their lives safely.

How to Make the Red Ribbon Around Aloe Vera Charm at Home

You can choose to grow your own Aloe Vera from a tiny plant or buy a well-established one. Next, you will need to cut lengths of bright red ribbon to use with the plant. Place the plant into an outside pot, on your doorstep or near the threshold and each time you want to ask the spirits to help do so when you are tying a ribbon.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Red Ribbon Around Aloe Vera Charm

  • Whilst this is a well-used charm in Mexico it is becoming less used than before. Mexico is a religious country and some Mexicans suggest that doing this is against God’s will as they should ask him for help directly, not a superstition.

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